Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woman On a Mission

K- and I hit the Village Discount Outlet yesterday afternoon on our way home from The Little Gym. I was on a mission. K- needed snow pants. Her previous snow pants had been a thrift store purchase, but we handed them down to our hand-me-down recipient, A-. That left us without appropriate wintertime apparrel. So, through near white-out conditions, we traveled to my favorite VDO. (More on the winter driving experience on Monday.) Oh, did we score! Not only did I find bibbed snow pants for K- for $3.00, but I also found a great fleece sweatshirt for me for $1.00, a hardback book for 25 cents that I will probably read (Circling My Mother by Mary Gordon), an L. L. Bean zip-up fleece for K- for $2.00 (a 10-12 and she is in 6x - 7/8 right now, but I couldn't pass it up) and the gem of gems-- a brand new game for $1.50.

I found the game Tantrix for $1.50. I grabbed it up off the shelf over K-'s head (she was distracted by a toy on the shelf below) and tucked it into my shopping basket. I knew that the box looked shelf worn, but by the condition I was betting it hadn't been opened. Guess what? It wasn't. After a bit of bargain shopping dancing, I came home to check out my new purchases. I found that the game retails new at Target for $19.99. Though aged for 8 and up, K- will be finding this in her stocking. She loves to work puzzles and we can do this one with her. We love to do games in the evenings during the winter months.

So, I skated out of the thrift for $8.25. I got great things that we can definitely use. I call it a successful trip! My husband admits that he was most impressed by the L. L. Bean coat that I found. I'm sure that in later posts, you'll find that we are an L. L. Bean family.

Any awesome bargains in your week?

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Older Boy needs snow pants too. I meant to get them, but never got around to it. I would have gone to the Orchard yesterday but with over a foot of snow, I only made it 1 mile down the road to J's gym class.
Good for you on the finds!!