Friday, November 21, 2008

The Big Squeeze: The Collar Bone Edition

So, you would all be very glad to know that the mammogram went swimmingly well. (At least the taking of it and since it is a baseline with no family history, hopefully the results are good, too.) No pain except for the fact that y'all neglected to tell me one thing--my collar bone was stuck into the machine, too. That's not the body part that I was there to get scanned. The actual bre*ast didn't hurt, but the collar bone had this acrylic plate thingy crammed into it when they were doing the side shot. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but I noticed that my right collar bone was a little (not major but a little) sore. Then I recalled that having been the shoulder that got whipped in the accident K- and I were in March 1. (A rear-ender. We were fine, but the car was totaled.)

So why was the collar bone involved? I was talking to the lovely radiologist and she told me that basically they scan as much as possible. If they can get it in there, they will scan it. She even pulled my hair back so that it wasn't in the film. As she was posing me and tweaking me, I told her that I felt like I was on a cheesy version of America's Next Top Model, the spoon feeding edition. She couldn't help but to laugh.

In our conversation, we talked about regional differences in bre*asts. Apparently, the Houston office that she worked at had more smaller bre*asted women and more implants. The South Side of Chicago office had larger bre*asted woman. In our NE Ohio office, apparently the women smoke more and tattoo their bre*asts more often than she has seen anywhere. (For the record, I'm not in the NE Ohio description. I don't fit the South Side of Chicago description either.)

So I've done my duty. Next month I'll take care of the other business and we'll be good for another year. I got the message the other day the the girls scanned out just fine. And the collar bone? Yep, that is fine too. I guess that's what we smaller chested girls have to donate when there isn't enough to fill the machine. :)

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Michelle said...

I'm glad everything turned out fine! and I had to laugh at your last sentence :)