Monday, November 3, 2008

Betty Crocker is in the House

Pumpkin pie. From scratch. You know, not drop out of the box and bake. Take real pumpkin and make it into something and bake. I will now put that into the category that the 7 course meal has fallen into. A great idea, but never again. (At least it is my current thought.) I now know why they sell cans of the stuff in the store.

I was tired before I started. Now I'm really tired. Here is photographic proof of the venture. Hubs said that it is the "best pumpkin pie he's ever had." My daughter scarfed it down. My piece was mighty tasty, too!

The recipe can be found at I also had Chicken Corn Chowder in the crockpot, with the plan that we'll eat on it for a few days. (I'm posting about that on Thursday.) I'm looking at an extremely long week. Sunday is choir practice and a leadership meeting. Then I'll be working far too many hours Monday -Wednesday as I prepare my end of the gallery for the Christmas Open House on Saturday.

In the meantime, enjoy my Betty Crockerness. Both the pie and soup were out of this world, so they were well worth the 1/2 day it took to prepare them!

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