Friday, October 24, 2008

Scratching my head

Did you ever look back at your first post and think, "Oh heck, that was really lame!" My first post falls into the category of rambliciously unentertaining. I think that I was overtired from hubs and K- sick. I'm better now, though. Wanna read me ramble on about something else? I promise to be funny! But really today, I'll love on the people in my house.

Hubs. He's the love of my life. No, truly. You see, we met at the university. I was sitting on the floor outside of the Climatology class I was to take. I was reading Shakespeare. (Not for fun, but for a class.) Then I heard this voice. I looked up and there he was. Oh heavens me. I tried to look like I was reading Shakespeare and apparently he tried to look like he wasn't paying attention. He sat behind me in class and the first thing he ever said was, "How much for that book?" Ah, yes. He is the poster child of romantic things to say. It was sweet though. The next class he sat down the table from me. Each class he moved one more chair over until he was sitting next to me. Then he did it. He asked me out. My response? "I don't mean to shoot you down, but technically, I'm still dating someone." He took my number and said that he would call me that weekend. I ran home and gave a phone call to the dope that I was still dating. I dumped him and waited for Hubs to call. There was no call! We ended up dating and it accidentally fell on Valentine's Day. 2 years later, we were engaged. 1 year after that, we were married.

K-. She's our miracle baby. We adopted K- from the county south of us. We do truly look at her as such a gift. A gift that giggles and wiggles. A gift with such a funny sense of humor. So caring at times and you want to string her up by her toes other times. She knows that she is adopted and has relationships with siblings. She's in the mood to have drawn out conversations while Mommy is on the phone. She loves playing with and melting mommy's soap away to stumps in the bathtub. She loves to make mud soup, dig for worms and relocate harvestmen all while in a fancy church dress. She wants her hair to grow long like "Pokie-hontas, Mom!" You can whisper the word "chocolate" from rooms away and she'll come running. She has sudden bionic ears with the "c" word is mentioned.

So for my audience of 1 (thanks, Janeen!), I hope that this was a more entertaining post!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

It's a beautiful post!!
And your first one was good too. There's nothing boring about reading about people you care about :)
MOST of my posts are boring.