Sunday, October 26, 2008

A List!

I figured that for the one of you reading this right now and for the two of you that might later on, I'd give a Boo Mama famous list. Since I'm new to blogging, I'll call it 35 things about me. Why 35?

1. I turned 35 in August.
2. When I was born, I was a month late. Mom insists. I even gave her a gray streak to prove it.
3. I'm on the cusp of Leo and Virgo. Though I don't believe in the astrological thing, it's still funny to say that those that know and love me would insist without a doubt that I'm a Virgo.
4. The back of my left eye is flat. (Lazy eye.) It's basically there ornamentally. I see on the outer edges, but not in the middle. It's hard to explain other than it's like looking at a big gray bar in the middle. It's a birth defect, so I'm used to it.
5. I got my driver's license the day I started college. I had to hitch a ride there and back.
6. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Berlinetta Camaro that my dad purchased for 50.00 from a guy that he worked with. The guy had just won the lottery and ordered himself a brand spankin' new car.
7. I eat one thing on my plate at a time. All the potatoes, all the meat, all the other whatever stuff. I'm not a mixer flavorer.
8. I don't drink coffee. Love the smell, though.
9. My husband says that I can go into a store that I've never been in before, an invisible antennae pops out of my head, twirls around and directs me straight to the clearance rack.
10. I start Christmas shopping on December 26, the year previous to that the gifts are due.
11. I love Birkenstocks. They are granola, but way comfy.
12. I love jeans.
13. I love the thrift store. Where else can you leave with a full wardrobe of clothes for 15.00 or less?
14. I can drive stick shift. Hubs taught me when we were dating.
15. I'm the Christmas merchandise girl at work. I set 6 Christmas trees of a variety of themes and decorate upwards to 9 ceilings. I generally have 3 weeks to do this, at 3 days of work per week.
16. I only take baths. God never intended women to stand and shave their legs.
17. I hate to have my eyelashes wet.
18. Don't touch my nose. Grandpa had a thing for biting noses when we were young and bruised the end of my sister's nose.
19. I'm scared to death of tornadoes, but find the Storm Chaser show on Discovery absolutely fascinating.
20. I line dry our clothes as much as possible to save money. We have a line outside and a 6 line run in our basement.
21. My hair has natural curl. Depending on the day, it'll behave. Mostly, I suffer from a weird frizz.
22. I use an electric blanket to heat up my sheets even in the summer.
23. While skiing, I blew my ACL and now have titanium and teflon holding my knee together.
24. I like to do Mork from Ork fingers.
25. I love the old, original Atari. All the other play systems are for the birds. Pitfall isn't Pitfall unless you are running a blocky guy over blocky alligators and blocky swamps to the blocky prize.
26. Typically, I'm not a fan of remakes. Willy Wonka? Oh, I'm a purist. Give me Charlie Bucket in his original version, please.
27. I love to sing in the church choir.
28. I love to bake and can. I like to cook, too. I'm just more creative with the baking and canning thing.
29. I'm trying to teach our 4 year old daughter modesty. She is very long waisted and shirts want to do the Britney Spears on her. I just don't find that appropriate, so her shirts are often a wee big in the shoulders to accommodate for the extra torso length.
30. It bugs the heck out of me when people talk loudly on the cell phones in public.
31. It drives me crazy when people can't use turn signals. They weren't considered optional when the vehicle was made and shouldn't be considered optional for use.
32. I love dark chocolate.
33. I love to garden. Flowers, vegetables-- anything.
34. I majored in printmaking in college and while at the university, I took 2 years of glassblowing and neon.
35. I love that I can share with my daughter that I accepted Christ at Vacation Bible School at the age of 11.


Natalie said...

Amy you always make me laugh! Myron was reading over my shoulder for a moment and even chuckled. I have been blessed with many things in life, however I was skipped when it came to "creative writing". I always feel inspired when I read what someone else has written and say "YES I can do that!" And then I remember that I can't. You see even writing this comment has probably taken me 10 minutes because I type, retype and then start all over.

Susan said...

What a fun post - know I feel like I "know" you! I'm with you on coffee, and I agree about wanting modest clothes for my girls. It gets a lot harder once they outgrow 6X :(