Friday, October 31, 2008

The Giveaway Winner and random questions answered

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jenny said...
i need my coffee if i dont have it i'm not all that happy and please enter me in to your giveaway i love to win this thanks
October 28, 2008 12:11 AM

Congratulations, Jenny! I'll be e-mailing you right after this and hopefully we can get the school supply package right out to you!

Thank you to everyone who participated! I was amazed at the number of questions that y'all came up with. Allow me to try to elaborate on them just a little. I'll try to hit the highlights.

5. I got my driver's license the day I started college. I had to hitch a ride there and back.

This one bugged a few people. I didn't get my license earlier because I didn't really need to. I wasn't incredibly popular, so I didn't have many social engagements. I did work, but either my parents took me or my aunt who worked at the grocery would take me. The rule in our house was that if you wanted to drive, you pay the maintenance bills, insurance and gas. I was busy saving for college, so I just hopped a ride when I could.

6. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Berlinetta Camaro that my dad purchased for 50.00 from a guy that he worked with. The guy had just won the lottery and ordered himself a brand spankin' new car.

You know, I don't recall what the car was that he bought, but no one in the shop took the guy seriously at first. At lunch, my dad asked if he was serious, he said that he was and my dad said he'd bring the money in the next day. We were not wealthy by any stretch, so it was pretty neat to score a really cool car for cheap. Should I add that it had an 8 cylinder in it (350), so that is probably where my heavy right foot comes from. Boy, could she move.

7. I eat one thing on my plate at a time. All the potatoes, all the meat, all the other whatever stuff. I'm not a mixer flavorer.

Either you guys do it or you don't. This one bugged a lot of people out. Especially one who went by Mannequin that suggested a bite, a sip, a bite, a sip. I have come to the conclusion that I eat all of each thing at a time to let each flavor come to it's fullest, then move on. I'll often start with my least favorite and finish with my favorite. That way, the flavor that I have last is the one that I keep the longest. I also don't really drink anything as I eat. My husband doesn't understand it, but I'm perfectly fine to have a meal without a drink.

8. I don't drink coffee. Love the smell, though.

Coffee just tastes gross. It's not to say that I don't have an intake of caffeine. I'm pretty high energy anyhow, so caffeine is often not necessary. Caffeine is available in plenty of other sources, though.

9. My husband says that I can go into a store that I've never been in before, an invisible antennae pops out of my head, twirls around and directs me straight to the clearance rack.

Yes, Target is my favorite! I know the clearance rack location in each store and have developed a pattern through each store so as to hit all of them. I get it from my Grandpa. The man could sniff out a deal.

10. I start Christmas shopping on December 26, the year previous to that the gifts are due.

I have 27 children or so to purchase for. I run with a $5.00-6.00 limit for each and by running clearance racks throughout the year, the cost is spread throughout the year and I'm capable of finding groovy stuff for the little that I have to spend. I've gotten things for as much as 90% off-- great toys and whatnot-- for gifts. The kids don't know and don't care!

11. I love Birkenstocks. They are granola, but way comfy.

eBay. I've gotten new ones w/shipping for between $15.00-30.00. My feet have never been happier.

12. I love jeans.

'Nuff said.

16. I only take baths. God never intended women to stand and shave their legs.

I was surprised that not more than one person mentioned the "lying in my own filth" thing about baths. I do not find showers relaxing. I run full speed all day. I can come home, take a relaxing and extremely hot bath and be re-energized yet relaxed. It's hard to explain.

17. I hate to have my eyelashes wet.

This one caused the most comments. Here's the deal. I have long eyelashes. Yes, I do wash my face. Yes, my eyelashes do get wet, I just hate them to be wet. I must wipe my face immediately. The long wet eyelashes are like sopping dust mops hanging off my eyelids. I don't find it comfortable. Ugh.

22. I use an electric blanket to heat up my sheets even in the summer.

I just don't find cold sheets that comfy. Cold sheets make me shiver. Cold sheets are almost painful. I don't particularly care for being cold. In the summer, I only use it to warm the sheets. In the winter, I use it for it's longer all night use.

23. While skiing, I blew my ACL and now have titanium and teflon holding my knee together.

We went to Peek & Peak in New York. We were skiing in a snow storm and Friar Tuck (the run) bit me in the butt. I hit a steeper part of the hill that wasn't packed. I tried to slow down by cutting across the hill. I was going fast towards a big set of pines. I tried to cut upwards toward the hill to stop, over-corrected and shot myself straight up the hill. My ski's got crossed and I ended up sliding down the hill backwards. The bindings didn't let loose, regardless of how far I leaned over. I gave one final lean, my knee popped, then the binding let loose. A little too late. Ugh. Surgery and 3 months of physical therapy later, I'm good to go now.

24. I like to do Mork from Ork fingers.

Oh my. So many of you were born much later than me! Mork and Mindy was a TV show on in the late 1970's. I know that you wanted photographic proof, but I'm too tired. Mork from Ork fingers is when you can successfully split your fingers into a V. (On the right hand, your index and middle fingers are on the left side of the V, ring and pinkie on the right side of the V.) I know plenty of people who can't do it. Look it up! I wonder if Mork and Mindy is on Nick at Night!

28. I love to bake and can. I like to cook, too. I'm just more creative with the baking and canning thing.

The Ball Blue Book of Canning, Preserving and Dehydration (I believe that I got it right) is what will teach you everything that you need to know.

I'm officially tired now. Little girl and I are going to sleep in tomorrow. We're going to try our hand at making a pumpkin pie from scratch. I also scored an awesome sounding Chicken Corn Chowder recipe from Boo Mama's Souptacular Crockpotalooza. I believe that we'll tackle that, too. We want to do some fall crafts. We want to play with Play Doh. We want to watch a movie and enjoy the crunchy leaves. We want to see what things we can eat from the Halloween stash.

If you don't mind, I'll be taking a few bloggy days off. See you on Monday.


Michelle said...

I was late getting my driver's license too. I didn't get it until after high school...I was 19 and had just moved in with my mom. Up until that point I just really didn't have a need for it I guess! Besides, I was living in Germany until my senior year so just never got it :)

Anonymous said...

#16 is so hillarious but true!
Your blog is great!