Monday, November 10, 2008

A de-throwned Dairy Queen

While vacationing in September, we had been dipped head first into the Appalachia region of Ohio. This brought up different discussions regarding poverty and whatnot. This also brought up the discussion of not having many things available, that is outside of Walmart. So, on one fine 92 degree day, we were trotting along in the vehicle with air on high. Hubs makes a promise to get the child unit ice cream. I think to myself, "Now why would he promise her something that he is not certain beyond the shadow of a doubt that we can deliver, particularly where we are?"

Then it was like a vision. It was a Dairy Queen. We were all excited. We had gone the day before and enjoyed ice cream and M- could get a slush (now called an Arctic Rush and I dated myself by calling it a Mr. Misty.) I decide that we've been on the road for a while and we should use the bathroom first. We walk in and down an aisle the only way I can figure a bathroom is. We walk past what were freezers for cakes. There are no cakes in the freezers. The freezers are not on. They have some Halloween decorations in them, but they were filthy otherwise. Hmmm. So, we find what appears to be a bathroom, but is there a door? Oh my goodness, is there a door? Yes. I found it. There is a door. We go in and I plunk K- down and start looking around. This one toilet bathroom is a might weird. She gets off the toilet. "Mommy! The toilet moves back and forth! Look!" Oh my heavens me. The building is built on a slab and the toilet is rocking back and forth like it is withstanding Hurricane 5 winds. So I do my best to do the squat without actually sitting. "Mommy! Why aren't you sitting on the potty?" Mommy's afraid that she'll break it. As I'm concentrating on my stance, K- says, "Look Mommy! The wall waves! Look!" It was like a sheet of paper. I was freaked out, looking for holes that possible cameras could hide. There was no toilet paper. We had to use paper towels. Purell was my friend.

So, I shuttle young child out and M- is standing waiting to order. I told him that we were going to go outside and get whatever he wanted. "But I thought you were going to get ice cream." We'll see you outside. I need to talk to K- a moment. "Uh, mom? Weren't we going to get ice cream?" K-, I have to talk to you. I got her outside and explained that the restaurant was very, very, very dirty and that if we ordered something, I was afraid that we would get sick. Out trots M-, inquiring on my leaving. I said the same thing to him. If their bathroom was so disgusting and so were the freezers that they used to use, God only knows what it seems like in the back and I won't eat anything that comes out of there. "So you were going to let ME get something?" Yes, and I was going to throw it away. "Mommy, there were people eating things in there. Are they going to get sick?" Ah, baby. She was so concerned.

We didn't score ice cream that day, but she wasn't mad. I explained that I didn't want to make us sick and that was good enough for her. Thank goodness!

Any disgusting/concerning restaurant stories that you'd like to share? Keep the stories nice, please!

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