Thursday, July 3, 2014

Christmas in July- Pearl Jam style.

K and I stopped by work today to pick up my paycheck.  We were talking to the gallery director and the floor manager when my co-worker, Matt, came by.  "Hold on!  Don't leave!"  He went running.  He came back and handed me a wrapped package.  

Should I open it now?  Is that okay?

This is what was inside.  An insane stack o' PJ boots.  
At first, I thought that they were singles.  "Did you get a huge stack of singles in?"  (He also works at an indie record store in town.)  "They are concerts!"  "Oh, my gosh!  They are!"  Because it could be slightly Sheldon-like, I asked if I could hug him.  It was an incredibly thoughtful gift.  He used to work at Border's. He said that he bought them when they were going out.  He listened to them.  He enjoyed them.  He said that he won't listen to them probably again, but knew that I was looking forward to the fall concert.  How sweet was that?  
As I was loading the PJ bootlegs into iTunes, lookie loo what came up on 10c Radio as I was loading Jones Beach?  
Such an incredibly thoughtful thing to do!  :)

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Rach said...

Lovely! What a delightful Christmas in July! :oD