Monday, April 28, 2014

Those blasted phone people.

We are not in love with AT&T right now.  The salesperson gave us an public employee discount, but never bothered to tell us that our plan didn't qualify for that discount.  She also stated that tax and all, our bill would be $96.00 for the 4 non-smart phones.  (We have three phones like below and one old man flip phone.)  We're not high tech here with the phones.  We didn't get new phones, so we kept on with the old even though she insisted that we all go with smart phones.  

No. Thank. You.  Do you know how many times I drop this thing?  It still works.  God bless all, it still works after being dropped in a heap of snow, bounced off concrete, Pergo, gravel, parking lots (plural) and even all the way down the basement steps.  Mine is well used, but why fix it if it ain't broke?  You can all agree that an iPhone can't survive all of that! 

I have now spent 2 hours of my life that I cannot get back on the phone with customer service from AT&T.  The first lady talked with me about setting my billing up on autopay and online.  Well, she succeeded in setting up autopay, but I didn't receive a bill this month.  Enter Donna, Friday's customer service lady.  I asked that she check my e-mail address because it could have been entered wrong.  It seems as though Monica didn't enter one at all.  Hmmm.  Could be a problem.  L, the sales rep at the store, misquoted our price.  Our bill is $24 more than she quoted us.  

 Hubs is now on the hunt for a new carrier.  In the meantime, my beat up old phone that everyone makes fun of will just have to continue keeping on.  Someone asked me the other day if my phone was covered in duct tape.  "No.  The pattern is coming off of the case."

At least no one wants to steal it.


Rach said...

So unbelievably frustrating!

Be warned, if you change carriers, you'll all most likely have to get new phones as the old ones might not work with the new carrier's system. Phones are proprietary. When you go to Best B*y to look at phones, you'll see they offer them by carrier--often the same one with minor detail differences.

I love that your phone has been such a good phone. I hope this all works out and you can keep it.

Bailey's Leaf said...

I told Hubs exactly that. So far, he hasn't done anything and I don't know that he will. It's in his name, so I can't fix it. We'll see.