Friday, February 14, 2014

The 17 Year Traditional Anniversary Gift: Furniture, Fever and Flu or Fugazi?

The short answer in my house is that neither I nor my husband went traditional.  He went to the local CD resale store and purchased 3 Fugazi CDs and a DVD for me for our anniversary.  One CD is called "Furniture," so he gets partial credit, right?  I gave him a gift card to said resale store and Resident Evil 6.

On to fevers and flu.  K woke up and told me that she hadn't slept well and was feeling like garbage.  I took her temperature later.  Yup.  102.4 F.  The weekend plans were canceled.  :(  She cried.

The traditional colors of the 17 year anniversary?  Yellow and turquoise.  Well, yellow is on my CD covers and turquoise is on his game cover.  That counts.  Right?

Fugazi and killing zombies.  Wouldn't work for most people, but it works for us.  Until then, we have a strep culture test awaiting us at the pediatrician's office.  Good times!

Happy Valentine's Day!

ETA:  K had a stomach virus that had an up and down fever (no Motrin involved) with a spike to 102.9 F.  She was kind of food sensitive for a few days, but is now back to nearly full speed.

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Rach said...

Happy Anniversary--again! :o) Your gifts sound perfect to me. :o)