Monday, February 10, 2014

Hooray for new brakes!

My brakes were making a weird grinding noise.  I couldn't tell if some large clot of snow or ice had gotten caught up in the wheel or if it was a bad brake thing.  I brought it up to my brother, my brake repair guy, a couple of weeks ago.  It was then that the weather went straight back down to -10.8 F.  Two weeks passed and I felt something grinding.  I gave him a text.  He texted back.  He got to business yesterday.

After several hours later in an unheated garage with the door wide open, having given us a lot of time to talk, he replaced the front brake pads, the back rotors and pads.  He said if it would have gone much longer, I would have had to use those front rotors we bought just in case.

Parts were $150.  I asked what I owed.  He said $40.   I paid $75.  (Hazard pay.)  He didn't want to take it, but I made him.  It was slave labor wage given what he did.  He even changed my windshield wiper blades and ribbed me for what the driver's side blade looked like.

I ripped it.  A lot.  I ended up pulling hunks of ice off of the blade and shredded it.

It's all fixed now!  Hooray for stopping!


Heidi Castro said...

Brothers are the BEST! Glad they got changed! (Not that brakes are any good on the ice we've been having out here, anyway) ;)
Was thinking of you when school here was cancelled for "extreme cold"!

Rach said...

Hooray for new brakes! :o) Hooray for brothers who are willing to help out! :o)