Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm here. Everytime I write something, someone phones.

Or needs something.

Or something like that.

I am alive.

My people are alive and happy.

Over the past week, we've studied for tests, had fun together and found that K does have the perfect hair for the Van de Graaff.  I've discovered that she is growing out of shoes faster than I can buy them for her (meaning, switched a half size in a month), she is enjoying her glasses, we've had 69 degrees F and now we're back to snow again (Grandma would have called it pneumonia weather) and I made corned beef in the crock-pot overnight thus leaving my husband to think I was having digestive upset instead of remembering that it was just dinner cooking. The time change has thrown us all completely off.  Hubs thought that he would be working out at 6 AM, then at 6:30 AM, and now he may be to working out at 7:30 AM.  K doesn't spring up out of bed.  We took a walk in the sprinkles the other day, only to return not sprinkled but fully rained on later on.  It didn't stay sprinkly like we thought.

:deep breath:

It has gotten blustery.  Snow is swirling around like a snow globe out there.

Laundry awaits.

The tummy is grumbling.

Must resolve both issues.

Have a great day!

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