Monday, January 23, 2012


Though some of the inside pieces of this are subject to change, my aunt is currently in the hospital and as of this morning, with no family present, was given cancer as a diagnosis. 

How my heart breaks for her. 

She went into the hospital on Friday, knowing that blood counts were down and whatnot.  Her doctor had ordered a colonoscopy and an endoscopy.  The colonoscopy was performed this AM and gave details of a large tumor present, as well as polyps.  She had no idea when the test was going to be today, but called at 6:30 AM to say that, "Her chariot had arrived."

Currently, she is handling the news okay.  I think that she might be in disbelief.  I know that she hasn't been heeding the signs that her body has given to her.  Still, I don't know for how long.  Grandma had been sick for some time and after she died last December, Aunt Donna went into a deep depression.  She seemed to snap out of it personality wise, but she seemed to still be lagging.

Yuck.  Cancer sucks.


Rach said...

Well crap. :o(

My prayers are with Aunt D.

Michelle said...

Oh my. I think there is no truer sentiment than Cancer Sucks and I've used that myself plenty of times (as you know w/my dad's dx). I'm sorry to hear your aunt received a cancer dx and will most definitely have her in my prayers as she begins this battle.