Friday, November 18, 2011

Allergies and the Honor Roll

First off, I was at the Allergist's office for the hour and a half that they promised, with a bonus trip to the lab for IgE and Bee Venom RAST blood testing.  (Decoding here would be great, Janeen.  I know the IgE thing, but need more info on RAST.)  Skin testing came up with nothing, but the doctor was concerned about the reaction I had with the bee sting, made sure I had an Epi, gave me more information on that and a disk to view about it.  He was a rather lovely gentleman.  That office was very busy.  Allergies are a big business!

They had TV.  Hooray!  It was on allergy shots.  Boo. 

I went straight from my appointment to the school (with a mid-stop at Wendy's.  Thank goodness, as Kay and I didn't get to eat anything after that.)  We had the book fair today.  I sold books from 2:30-6:30 PM and I'm beat.

I did have a conference with K-'s teacher.  She has three A's and two B's.  She's on Honor Roll!  Her reading is where she needs to be (as the teacher informed me that due to the MAZE scale that they have, they can confirm whether the kids are being worked with at home.  They don't doubt that we work with K-.)  An interesting thing that came about from the conference was that Mrs. B- told K- to stop using Touch Math.  I talked to Mrs. B- about it last week and told her that now that they are using Touch Math, K- seems to have forgotten her math facts.  She said that she raises her hand all the time now and has shot so far ahead, just by her telling her to stop using it.  Mrs. B- told me that if I ever see anything that comes up like that, to let her know.  A major improvement happened with her work by simply talking to the teacher in the hall. 

Mr. B-, the principal, told me that K- was "Caught being good" and that she is to come down to the Principal's office tomorrow to get a prize.  Her teacher turned her in for being so thoughtful and helpful.  :)!!!  They'll take her photo with the other children that were caught being good this month and their pictures will be posted on a bulletin board in the hall all year.  HOORAY! 

I'm beat, but today was a good day.

Have a great night.  Smiles are above.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Here's some info on the RAST. I compiled this a while ago but it's still accurate.

Congrats to Miss K for being noticed for being good!! I like that they acknowledge good behavior. Our school used to do that once a month and would have "lunch with the principal". Some people complained that it was always the same kids and the other kids felt left out so they stopped it. My kids never got it. I never complained. Now they'll never have a chance to get it (boo to the complainers).

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thanks! I've now been RAST informed. Now, I sit and wait. I was talking to my mom this morning and said that while I would be thrilled not to be allergic to bees, I kind of felt dumb when it came up with nothing. Does that scream hypochondriac? The nurse wasn't surprised, as the lady sitting next to me had the same thing. I don't know that they sent her for the RAST bit, though. I don't think that my reaction was unusual.

I would like to know what bits outside I'm allergic to and if we can, I'd love to kill that with some allergy shots. Truly, I'd be fine with a shot every once in a while if it meant that the allergies would get better, rather than worse like they have been.

You know, it irritates me when people say, "This kid got this and that kid got that and all mine got was this tiny little thing." Let's face it, the world isn't an equal place where everyone gets the exact same number of fries. Grant you, I don't think that all of everything should be heaped on a select few, but I don't think that it kills a kid if someone gets something that they didn't. I grew up with three siblings. We were poor. There wasn't opportunity to be equal opportunity across the board. One got something (pants or something lame), but the whole lot didn't get something. We couldn't afford it. Was I scarred for life? Um, no. Kids need to know that when it is their time, it'll be their time. Until then, sit tight and perform well. Don't feel chaffed. It's how the world works. Not everyone gets a raise. Not everyone gets a promotion. Not everyone gets a scholarship. Not everyone gets a pat on the back. Best they learn that now.

Michelle said...

Congrats to K for honor roll! Wonderful accomplishment ... and for being caught being good! She has a great heart!