Friday, October 7, 2011

Rip roarin' through the 'hood.

I live in a very small neighborhood that is one block long with a dead end.  We all have ranch homes.  The wires hang a little low.  Even the trash trucks graze them weekly.

Today I heard a box truck.  Any time I hear a box truck, I look to see how many houses have had the telephone lines ripped off.

Today it was two and nearly mine.

I texted the neighbor who works for AT&T.  They don't own the poles and can do nothing.  Ohio Edison owns them and the neighbor down the street who retired from OE has already pleaded for an additional pole to be added and they said no.  He said that the city would have to make that call.

Today, I called the city.  I told them that at least every other month, a box truck/delivery truck comes down our road, rips at least one phone line down and keeps on going.  I told them that I hauled off after the guy this AM, on broken foot no less (yes, I'm regretting it) and asked if he really didn't know that he had just ripped lines off as he drove down the road.

He hadn't.  Really?  How could you not hear the thwack! as you are smacking the lines? 

So, I had a visit from the Public Works guy from the city.  "We've measured it and there is only a 1 foot drop from this pole to the pole down there."  (The poles are three yards apart and further apart than standards dictate.)  "Even 1 foot will make a difference at least for the garbage trucks," I said.  Then neighbors started coming out and telling him the same story I had.  Multiple lines.  Multiple times.  Regular basis. 

The city guy is trying to see what he can do.  "You guys need to put the tallest mast on your house that you can. 

Really, city guy?  You have to hire an electrician to come out and to do that.  You also have to pull permits because the city will fine you.  Just put in the extra pole please, and we should be good.


Smiles in my day:
-  Meeting with Mr. B-, the principal, to get the fine details of the walkathon ironed out for tomorrow.  The weather is to be gorgeous, the trail is dry and I have my truck loaded down with 624 bottles of water.  We'll have a great day!  (No, I'm not walking.  I'll be manning the water station.)
-  K- had a great substitute today!  She was a wonderful lady! 
-  K- being excited about earning her 100 BC bracelet.  It's just a little silicone bracelet, but she was proud of it.  It's a lot of hard work for that thing!
-  LL Bean has 15 % off through Columbus Day for their card holders.  I noticed that K-'s current snow boots are coming apart.  I'll return those to Bean and get the new pair for just a handful of dollars.  I love a company that stands by their guarantee!

Have a great weekend!

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Good for you for taking the extra step (even if it was on a broken foot). Hopefully the city will do what needs to be done.