Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An unusual return.

I work retail.  We'll get a few odd ball returns in, but last week's really left all of us giggling.  Yesterday, even one of the owners was in laughing about it.

What was the item?  It was a book mark. 

Photo credit to the Gama-go store online.
 She said it didn't work.  I'm not certain what about it didn't work.  Was she under the impression that it would light?  Did she think that it would inspire good ideas?  Does she have a Nook or Kindle?  (I wasn't there that day-- darn.)

We're all left mystified and we have no idea what didn't work on/about it.  It left us scratching our heads and giggling a bit, even days after.

Smiles in my day:
-  We had the kick-off to the PTA Membership Drive last night and I had some great conversation with some new parents.  They asked great questions and I even had a few ask about our PTA enrollment figures.  "Last year it was 289 members, but this year with Watch D.O.G.S, I anticipate well over 300."  They were stunned.  I'm excited about the prospect of new parents wanting to be involved in their children's school.  Our school is currently in a swing space (the old middle school) while we wait for our school to be torn down and rebuilt.  To put it rather politely, there are some folks at the school that are currently stressed beyond belief.  Those folks made me remember that even if there are people that are beyond under my skin, I do what I do at the school for the kids.  I do it to help the teachers.  I do it to help administration, too, but hopefully they'll realize that we are there for good and not evil here sometime VERY soon.
-  Seeing someone from high school who was nice to me.  He was told me that I was missed at the reunion.  (Very nice!)  I told him that I didn't go because they were a bunch of people who weren't nice.  He said that he just beat them up, so he didn't have a hard time.  I told him that they made me cry.  A new PTA member chimed in on her feelings about high school kids, their yuckiness and how they want to be your best friend after made her completely agree with my stand of not attending the reunion.  It was really good to talk to Chris.  One of our dads that is spearheading the Watch D.O.G.S. was someone I graduated with.  He was one of the decent people at school.  It's good to know that there are a few surrounding me that were the nice ones!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

I have 'tubes once again!! Hooray!!! :o)

This made me laugh so hard. Thank you! You can't help but wonder what prompted the return, you know? Wow.