Sunday, July 10, 2011

The once-in-ten-years kind of sickness.

My body started to ache last Tuesday night. 

My body continued to ache on Wednesday with an added headache. 

Wednesday night the fever started.  That fever kept up off and on until this morning.  My top number?  103.8 F.  Good times.  Hubs was outside talking to the neighbor.  I had sent Hubs and K- off to the library to the summer reading program Magician show and they had just gotten back.  I texted him, "I've cooked myself.  Please come in."  I had wrapped myself up in blankets, rather desperate to get warm.  I got warm all right.

Hubs stripped me of my blankets and the sheet, as well as a few articles of clothing and started piling the cold cloths on me to pull the fever down.  He said that I could have the sheet back when the fever dropped a full degree.  It took an hour, but I earned my sheet back. 

K- had to self-entertain Thursday and Friday.  She made herself many peanut butter and cheese wheat wraps.  (Don't ask me.  She loves peanut butter and cheese together.  It works for her and she was being self sufficient.)  She played Polly Pockets on her bed.  She napped on her floor.  She napped on the couch.  She watched some TV and was thrilled to see that the Harry Potter marathon was on the ABC Family Channel this weekend, starting Thursday evening.  (She loves HP.) 

I got to the point that on late Friday night, I woke Hubs up and announced that on Saturday, I was either going to my doctor, the quick clinic up the street or the ER.  I was going somewhere, because I couldn't do it anymore. 

The family practice wasn't open, so that left me to go seek treatment at the local grocery health clinic.  They took my insurance, everything was clean and that seemed reasonable enough.  Though he was a nice guy, he definitely didn't graduate at the top of his class.  "Well, you seem like a medical mystery."  "Have you ever had mono?  Well, I can't decide.  Maybe I should just put it under sinus infection.  Oh, well, maybe I should do upper respiratory infection."  I told him that I had had a URI before and it definitely seemed like it was that.  He gave me a prescription for a Z pack and off I rolled. 

I think that the Z pack has worked.  I feel a lot better, but I'm still coughing to the point of nearly vomiting.  The fever seems permanently gone.  Still, I'll be going to visit with my doctor tomorrow to get a true confirmation. 

So that's where I've been.  Fevering in my bed for 3 1/2 days.  Sheesh.

Smiles while in sick bay:
-  K- being self sufficient.
-  Hubs picking "sick" prizes up for me.  He always does when I'm laid up.  He bought me Along Came Polly.  Now, I'm not normally a comedy kind of girl, but the movie makes me laugh out loud.  It also helps that Philip Seymour Hoffman is a favorite actor of mine.  He also brought me a singing apple that he found in the produce section of the grocery.  Don't ask me why, but he always brings me goofy things like that.
-  My aunt, on her mobility scooter, has made numerous trips to my house over the past 4 days.  She's brought me puzzles and popsicles, orange juice and milk, and a rotisserie chicken.  It's a bit over a mile.  She told me that I bought food for her when she was sick and she just wanted to return the favor.  She called several times a day to check in on me.
-  The neighbors talk, found out I was sick and the boys across the street phoned to see if there was anything that they could do.  Word spreads fast. 
-  Hubs and K- went to a magic show and were able to go to the kids fishing pond twice.  K- was able to catch a total of 7 blue gill (catch and release) and was pretty thrilled with that.
-  My people mowed the grass and watered my flowers.  Only the potentilla is sufferin' succotash, but I think that giving it a good amount of watering will pull it through.  It wasn't crunchy yet. 

Have a great week.


Rach said...

I can't remember the last time I was that sick--it's been a long long time, that's for sure.

I'm glad you've got so many good people looking out for you. I've been worried.


Michelle said...

Oh my word you poor thing :( I can imagine how miserable you've felt and hope you're definitely on the upswing! How sweet of your hubby to bring you things like that when you're sick.