Sunday, December 12, 2010

Waffling weather

Slush rain. 

Hold on.  Snow.

Wait.  Rain.

Back up. Flakes.

Nope.  Rain.

Wait again.  Large.  Seriously large flakeage. 

The thermometer is twitching and flipping up and down so slightly, but enough that it is hovering at the freezing mark.  One twitch in the wrong direction and the weather changes completely.  The road is full of slush and my guess is that the road crews are busy dealing with the main roads (as they should be) and that our road will turn into rock hard masses of glacial-like street icebergs. 

Have I mentioned that Hubs is a half hour north of home in the Tercel (I offered the truck) and we are all under a Winter Storm Warning?  Ah yes, he has a puppet show scheduled for this afternoon and my guess is that he might have some volunteers show up and maybe two families.  Maybe.  They haven't called a Level 2 snow emergency; a plea to the public to stay off the roads, but not mandatory. 

We'll be having turkey rice and veggie soup this evening.  It seemed like the thing to do. 

I've put a pot of water on to cook.  Too bad that I'm clean out of cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg and anise to cook in it.  It always makes it smell so nice and holidaysie.  (How do you spell that non-word?)

K- wore the jammies inside out last night.  Tonight will be the flushing of the ice cubes, the wearing of the jammies on the flipside and a spoon under the pillow.  I have no idea where the pillow spoon thing comes from, but we're hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

So for today, we're officially in.  We've been by the grocery and have even stocked up on baking supplies.  I would be pleased as punch if I get a day in to do nothing but bake. 

Have a great, safe day!


Rach said...

OH! The slushy non-snow snow is the WORST! Just make up your mind already!!!!!

It's 37 here and the snow that's falling is giving up the ghost the minute it hits the ground--it was 55 yesterday.

I'm hoping you got your snow day--oh, and that Hubs made it home in one piece.

Water on the stove with smell good in it? Yup.

Holidaysy? Holidays-y? Who knows. ;o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

K- got her snow day. I didn't. :(

Rach said...