Thursday, November 18, 2010

Signing my life away at the customer service counter.

I've had a cold.  Nothing serious.  Really, I've suffered much, much worse.  Since I've had this continual evening and early morning tickle in my throat, I've found that the Advil Cold and Sinus that I had in the cupboard has helped out a bit.

Today I took the last one in my cabinet.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but since people like to boil stuff like that down for met*h, I have to go beg pharmacists or customer service personnel for the OTC drug(s) that I may need.  God forbid should you actually need Advil and cough syrup at the same time. 

I visited the cold reliever aisle.  No dice. 

I visited the pharmacist.  Nope.  Go to customer service.  (Seems weird, since every other store has OTC at the pharmacy.)  Okay then. 

I go to customer service.  I hand over my ID to purchase my drugs o' relief and I kid you not, the girl had to check 10 pages of drug log-in's to make certain that my name was not listed.  After a rather thorough check, She wrote down about every bit of information from my driver's license.  I could be wrong, but my height and slightly inaccurate listed weight may have been written down, too.  I had to sign the listing. 

The customer service clerk apologized.  I told her that really, I promised that I wasn't going to the street to make anything illegal.  I really just wanted to take it for my own cold relief.  She was saying that she thought it was slightly ridiculous and I agreed that in a way, I see that but there was just a me*th lab 1 block down from a school in our city that just blew up.  She then told me that there are some people who will come in and ask (in a drug type drawl), "How many boxes can I get?"  Considering that they just sold me a 40 ct. box and it will take me a year to go through all that, I can't imagine why they would want more other than for illicit activities.  She said that at that point, she'll tell them none.  She'll refuse them.  She said that she can tell. 

I hate that she is put in that position. 

I know that I've talked about this before, but it still surprises me each and every time.  Wow.

Smiles in my day:
-  K- got a 100% on her math test!  It was a 4 page (2 pages double sided) test that was addition and subtraction and she neatly wrote her answers.  Didn't question herself.  She didn't erase all over the place.  She was sure of her answers.  Quite amazing since doing subtraction flash cards has been quite painful.  I'm going to meet with her teacher to see what ideas that she has to have me help K-.  I want to make certain that the ways that I help her are in line with what Mrs. S- is teaching.  I don't want to teach K- a way to figure out subtraction that she can't use at school.  It appears as though she needs visual cues to pull subtraction around. 

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I always feel like such a criminal when I get carded to get my meds. :sigh: I agree with you. I feel sorry for the clerk. :o(

GOOOOO K!!! That is wonderful news! Subtraction is hard, and moving from concrete to abstract concepts is tough. Let me know what Ms. S says and maybe I can run some ideas by you.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Cool. You were next in line! I just want to be consistent with what she is teaching. She did perfect on the test, so perhaps the evening flash card review bombs partially because of just being tired.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I always feel a little skeevy when I have to do that. I get it, I do, but it still makes me feel like the criminal and I always wonder of the Customer Service people think I have ulterior motives (which of course I do not). Feel better !!