Monday, October 18, 2010

Can the mud slinging PLEASE stop?

To all the politicians that are running for office,

Though this does not involve every single one of you, I would appreciate it if your mud slinging stops.  I am so tired of seeing clips of people that are obviously taken out of context or clipped together to make what you want.  Even if it is someone that I am clearly not voting for, I think it is terribly uncool.

Why exactly do you believe that it is so necessary to put so much money into slam ads like you do?  Wouldn't it be grand for you to run a positive campaign and give all that extra attention towards some positive change? 

Don't think that you should be getting a "caught being good" award.  If you do positive work like working on building a trail, handing out food at a soup kitchen or other some such charity, you should NOT be using this time as a photo op.  Really.  Do it to do good.  Don't do it as a PR thing. 

Do you know that children watch TV, too?  Are you aware that some of your attack ads stick with children like my 6 year old and I have to answer questions about why someone seems so mean?  I can't even have the news on while she is up and around because the ads are vile. 

Stop wasting money on attacking each other.  Mud slinging does not make me want to vote for you.  It makes me wonder why you have to go down such a nasty road as opposed to highlighting or constructively dealing with allegations through frank talk.  Are you that bad or that insecure that you must attack people to make yourself seem like the only one for the job? 

Stop the flash ads.

Stop the Power Point-type ads.


Thank you,

Amy from Ohio

Smiles in my weekend:
-  Though it was terribly jam-packed, we had breakfast with April, lunch with Grandma and Aunt Donna and dinner with K-'s brother and sister all on Saturday.  I got up at 8 AM to bake rolls and a homemade apple pie to take to the sibling dinner and took muffins to breakfast with April.  Grandma and Aunt Donna had a hunger for Wendy's.  (They are both not able to get it for themselves and it is their favorite.)  Everyone was well fed and we were able to have a lovely time.
-  Falling asleep at 8:30 PM on Friday while watching Storm Chasers in bed with Hubs.  That may not seem that big of a deal to most, but considering I was making it to bed at about midnight every night this week because of school obligations, it was major.
-  Chicken and noodles tonight for dinner.  The chicken cooked on high in the crock pot while we were gone at soccer and Hubs worked on dishes while I assembled dinner.  We had lovely talks about schools, crappy lunches, rise in obesity among children, teachers forced to teach a prescribed curriculum without much wiggle room because of state testing . . . 

Have a great day!


Rach said...

I LOATHE the attack ads. We have mostly managed to avoid them--thank goodness. One of the truly awful things about the attack ads, is that now, thanks to that Supreme Court ruling last year, many are being funded by anonymous donors. Oy.

I can't wait for November 9 to come and go...

ChupieandJ'smama said...

These ads make me not want to vote. I will vote though. But I may actually write in all my candidates. None of these people running appeal to me (on either side). They all seem likes crooks.