Thursday, September 30, 2010

So wrong that it is right.

I have a wonderful co-worker who will occasionally gift me chocolate to see how far I will go.  She bought me something delightfully and wrongfully wonderful.  She bought me Mo's Dark Bacon Bar.  Now, I understand that it sounds disgusting. 

It is so wonderful!

Bacon?  I could probably eat a plate full of wonderful true traditional bacon that is board straight and crispy, please.  Think of Vlasic pickles.  Your bacon shouldn't be floppy.  Now take that overly delicious and crispy bacon and encase it in dark chocolate.  (Because of my fantastic cholesterol, I allow myself bacon at Christmas breakfast at my in-law's.  No, I don't eat a plate full.)

Hardly anything in the world will bother you for that one moment. 


For all those wondering, C- found the delightful bar at World Market (aka Cost Plus to some.)  If you aren't vegetarian, go and enjoy.

Smiles in my day:
-  Mo's!
-  Hubs didn't tell me that in order to keep K- awake on the way home, she has been reading to him.  That's a 20 minute + drive.  Since each one of her 100 Book Challenge steps are 15 minutes of reading, I went into her log and back dated 8 entries to reflect her "Daddy Drive Time" reading.  I left her teacher a post-it to know what the scoop was.  Shoot!  We aren't going to miss out on logging all that reading!  We have goals to meet and anything to help her along is great!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

You know, initially I was a bit "ew" about the bacon chocolate. But, then, I gave it some thought. Crispy perfection salty bacon, deep dark sweet chocolate? Oh yeah, that could TOTALLY work! I'm going to have to send B to World Market, that's all there is to it. ;oP

Way to go K on all that awesome reading! :o)