Friday, May 7, 2010

Reed Timmer is in Ohio.

Why would this be a big deal? Oh, because if anyone can catch a tornado out of nothing, Reed can. His blog states that they drove overnight. Y'all, he lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

So Reed, what's the CAPE value? My guess is that it has to be high for you to drive all this way. They've talked about us being a dry line situation. I know that is not good. You would be proud of me. The neighbor asked today if I thought that we were actually going to get something. (They've been predicting Armageddon all week.) "Well, if you look at the clouds up there, you can see that they are tall. That means that there is lift in the atmosphere and while it looks pretty right now, it means we're going to get nailed." See, aren't you impressed that I've learned so much from Storm Chasers?

Reed, if you are in my neighborhood I'll have a slight heart attack. My husband would be more than excited to have the TVN Dominator parked in the drive. Come on in. I'll bake you some brownies.

Stay safe, Reed. No offense, but I hope that you are wrong! In the very least, stay on the west side of the state, please!

If you want to see where Reed is, feel free to click here to see his live feed.


Rach said...

OMG! I don't know if I'm excited you have a celebrity in your midst or terrified he might be right.

Hang in there!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Tornado watch for my county until 11 PM. Reed is continuing to move EAST-- towards me. (He's still quite a ways out.) Hubs wants to go find him. He said that if he is in our area at all, he'll go track him down. I don't know how since we don't have a laptop and don't have internet that could travel. No bother, Hubs is just excited that the TVN Dominator is on Buckeye soil.