Friday, March 26, 2010

New shows: Love them or hate them?

Love: So Who Do You Think You Are?

I watched Sarah Jessica Parker on my own. I roped Hubs into watching Lisa Kudrow the other day. "Darn you, mama." That means I have him hooked.

Hate: High Society

It has come up on my TV twice accidentally. It is just plain gross. Rich women treating people badly and thinking that it is okay to do so because they are who they are or what they own. I don't get why anyone would waste the film on this show/

Love: Biggest Loser

I've always liked Biggest Loser but when Hubs remarked again, "Darn you, mama" I knew I had him hooked on this one, too.

Love: The Antiques Roadshow

It always leaves me surprised about something.

On the fence: Parenthood

Lauren Graham is still Lorelei Gilmore to me, as I probably still remain one of the biggest fans of Gilmore Girls ever. I can't remove that from my mind, though she does do a good job. Yes, I realize that they are dealing with meaty issues like Autism, divorce, baby daddy, teenagers and bad choices along with marital infidelity. However, it kind of turned me off on episode one with an instant roll right into it thing with someone from years past.

On the fence: Celebrity Apprentice

I love that they do charitable work. I hate the petty stuff. I love to see them tackle big jobs together. I hate the egos, though.

On the fence: Kitchen Nightmares

Normally, I'm a Hell's Kitchen kind of girl, but Kitchen Nightmares will have to do. I'm thinking that at this point, am I getting bored of seeing the same kitchens in the same condition with owners who don't want to change and suddenly they do? Gordon, I'm getting bored. Please be censored with your comment.

We aren't normally big TV watchers during the nice seasons. Since we are rolling out of a rather ugly winter, we've been a little house bound.

What shows are working for you?

Sunday smile for the week:
- Bret Michaels telling the kids about his struggles with diabetes. Telling them stories that they live everyday and to have them see that folks live completely happy lives despite having to steer around sugar.


Rach said...

You know us, we're the geek TV family. We're PBS, Discovery all the way. I can't tell you the last time I watched network TV. Wow.

I had considered checking out "Parenthood", but somehow got sidetracked from it.

I can't watch shows with the wealthy and their sense of entitlement. It drives me crazy. Grrrr.

And, while most of the TV we watch is "reality"--"Antiques Roadshow", "Mythbusters", "Dirty Jobs", college sports--I don't put it in the same category as other "reality TV" if that makes sense. I just can't seem to get into those types of shows.

It's official, I've become a TV snob. :shakes head:

Bailey's Leaf said...

I was watching Antiques Roadshow and the This Old House hour last night. The $160,000 violin? Wow!

Mythbusters? Oh, we loved it when we accidentally had Discovery channel for about 4 1/2 months. We watched them suspend a car from a crane with duct tape. (Other stuff, too.)

We were completely addicted to Storm Chasers. It used to be our Sunday night date.

Dirty Jobs? Oh, Mike Rowe. God bless him. He was doing something with some black powder in bags last week. He said that it was THE dirtiest job.

I miss snob TV. I refuse to give the money up to cable for 1000 channels that I don't want. If they had a la carte . . .