Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tales from the Trenches: I'm too lazy.

I owe y'all some pictures and I promise that I'll get them posted. I have to size them down, save them as jpeg . . . all things I'm far too tired to do at this point. So, I'll pitch an idea I had to see what y'all might think.

I thought about doing a Seed Swap. I've been drooling over my Baker Creek Seed catalog and know that we don't have a huge area to plant. I'm non-GMO with my food seeds, but general flower seeds I roll with off the rack. One pack tends to be far too many seeds for me, though. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing seeds. (Sorry for readers out of the US. We can't share with you. It's not that we don't want to. The customs people won't let us.)

So, what do you think? Should I put the work into doing a Seed Swap? My thought on basic rules would be:
1. No money is to change hands. It is a complete swap thing. The person offering seeds pays all shipping.
2. Request only what you will use. The idea here is to avoid waste, to share and to experiment with new plants.
3. If you offer something, carry through. Don't leave folks hanging.

So what is your feedback?

A mommy hmmm for the evening:
Is it really necessary to invite every single child in the class to a birthday party? This is the second invitation that K- has received for a class party. I told her that she won't be going to this one. This one is at the home of one of the room moms that "helped" at the Christmas party. Honestly, if it was a leave K- off thing, I never would. I don't know the people and the mother did not help at the party with any other child other than just her own. When clean-up time came, she turned her back and listened to the story as I did all the cleaning. (The other mom watched me.) Her own child is rather wild and doesn't listen. I fear that the children wouldn't be properly attended to. If I went with her, which is what I've always done, I'm worried that I would be stuck doing a lot of party whatnot. Besides, to invite every single child to a party seems present hungry to me. Your thoughts?

Smiles in my day:
- K- got up and had a super morning. She even wanted to walk, but I said no since it was 20 degrees with a pretty rockin' wind chill.
- K- was in bed by 8:15 PM and asleep by 8:30 PM. That was with the neighbor over and talking with Hubs in the living room. (Both have voices that carry.)
- Mike, our neighbor, brought Hubs a hand-me-down Blu-Ray player. Hubs is thrilled.
- My new set of pans arrived today! I had them washed and hanging when Mike arrived, so I was able to show him what he bought me.


Rach said...

I too have been dog-earring and swooning over my Baker Creek catalog. It's a thing of beauty, no? :o) So, count me in for a seed swap--even if it just winds up being the two of us. I might be able to persuade Jessie to join in as she was *supposed* to send me seeds last year and never did...:eye roll:

I would NOT send K to the party. Nope. No way, no how. I think all kids are invited to these things to avoid "hurt feelings". If K won't care, don't bother. Seriously.

As for the Blu-Ray and pots and pans, HOORAY!!!!

Bailey's Leaf said...

You know, I had to look Blu-Ray up to even see how to spell it. For some reason, I knew that they butchered it and left the 'e' off.

Thanks for the back-up on the party. Avoiding hurt feelings is probably moreso the reason than gift grubbing. Still, I just don't feel comfortable about it. She seemed way to aloof for my taste.

Seed swapping! :) Cool. You and I have the same plantable space. Let's see what the response is, but you and I can continue to droll [insert wipe of chin] and compare notes. I love seed catalog time of year!

Have a great day!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

We have a Blu Ray but I didn't know how to spell it. It wasn't anymore expensive than the VCR. Really.

Don't get me started on the whole birthday thing... really :(

The Prudent Homemaker said...

If you want to use it, I have a free downloadable seed packet that you can use here:
(middle of the page)

I don't think you're obligated to send your child to the party, either.