Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bzz Agent Product Review: L'Oreal Lash Boosting Mascara and Serum

I was contacted by Bzz Agent to a product review of the L'Oreal Paris(R) Lash Boosting Regimen. It was a 4-week challenge.

What did they send me?
- A tube of L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara with lash boosting serum to use during the day.
- A tube of Lash boosting serum to use under mascara during the day and on bare lashes at night before I go to bed.

I'll start by saying that I'm always cautious about make-up. I have very sensitive skin. My eyes? They are important to me, too!

From the Bzz Agent Bzz Guide:
What are women already saying? After 4 weeks of Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum use?
71% say, "It seems I have more lashes."
75% say, "My lashes seem thicker."
78% say, "I have less lash loss during makeup removal."
81% say, "My lashes seem to be in better condition."

So what are my eyelashes like? They are full, long and dark. When they are wet, they hang like mops on my eyes. I use mascara sometimes, but it can make me look like Raggedy Ann if I'm not careful.

I decided that I was going to do a bit of an allergy test before running into this full steam. First, it arrived somewhere when the holidays fell, perhaps right after, but at a time that I wasn't willing to risk a potential allergic reaction, so I held off a little while.

The first day I tried the product, I wore the mascara only. Good news! No allergic reaction. The mascara wasn't very plumpy though. It wasn't the fault of the mascara. I didn't put the serum underneath. I was trying one layer at a time. So, mascara was fine.

The second day, I tried the lash boosting side of the mascara, then put the mascara on top. Wow! Did that make my eyelashes look like they spanned across my face. I don't know what is in that magical serum, but if you are looking for plumpness, that'll take you where you need to go. There was one thing though, I noticed lash loss. In fact, my best friend was around to witness the plumpness and the loss. The plumpness? "WOW!" The loss, "Oh." I told her that I was doing a product review for Bzz Agent. I said that I'd still give it another try.

Day three came. I decided to repeat day two, since I had noticed lash loss and wanted to see if it was just a weird coincidence. Y'all, eyelashes kept falling out as I was trying to pay attention to Pastor and his sermon. Hmm.

I should add that losing lashes is not something that I have a problem with. They stay put. Rarely will one decide to jump ship. I provide a happy eye home for them. They like staying where God intended them to be, around my eyeball and not in it.

After church, I talked to Hubs about my lash dilemma. Of course, he looked at me cross-eyed.

I talked to my mom about the product review, the mascara, what it designed to do and that my lashes were falling out. I said that I would give it a few more days. She said not to. She said that she suffered from something similar and ended up with a half naked eye.

No thank you.

With that, I discontinued use of the mascara and decided not to use the additional lash boosting serum at all. The lashes weren't falling out with just the mascara, so I believe that the serum may have been the issue for me.

So, my personal take on the L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara with Lash Boosting Serum? It might work for you. I give it a thumbs up on plumpness. I give it a thumbs down on lash loss, as it claims that after 4 weeks reports were 78% had less lash loss during makeup removal. I wasn't even removing my makeup and my lashes were falling out. The price would probably be a bit of a hold back to me, but if you feel like you have skimpy lashes and it is important to you to plump them up, the price-point may be something not so bad.

More information to note:
- The L'Oreal Paris(R) Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara is available in Black and Blackest Black at a suggested retail price of $12.95.
- There is a 24-Hour Lash Boosting Power System which includes both items I received (mascara in black) for the suggested retail price of $24.95.
- It is Ophthalmologist and allergy tested, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
- It is available at Wa*lmart, Target, CV*S and Walg*reens beginning this month.

I received these products from Bzz Agent to do an honest review. Other than sending me the Double Extend Mascara with Lash Boosting Serum and the additional Lash Boosting Serum, I received no payment. The opinions included in this review, including loss of lashes, was completely my own.

Smiles in my day:
- My last day of inventory is done.
- The snowplow came down the street before I arrived home and while I had to baja into the driveway, I was given the opportunity to shovel the very heavy road snow out of the end of the drive to make way for Hubs' little Tercel. This exercise hopefully worked off some of the massive caloric intake that I have been partaking of during said boring inventory week.

Prayer list updated with some pretty big stuff. If you will, take a minute to run through the sidebar listing. Thanks!


Rach said...

Thank you for your honest review. Since I have bunny rabbit eyelashes (read: NONE to speak of and blonde and stumpy) I'm always on the look-out for a lash extending, plumping, volumizing, creating mascara. I had thought about the L'Oreal but given the lash loss, that is OUT OUT OUT. I can't afford to lose any more of the stumpy guys. Eek!

As for the prayer list, holy cow on the brother front. What was he thinking?!?!? I'll definitely be praying for the folks on your prayer list.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

UM, yea. Eye lashes falling out. Not good. My lashes are fine. They aren't overly full, they aren't puny. I just like mascara to make them stand out a bit more. Not fall out.

Michelle said...

I'm doing this same campaign :) I've been using it for about 1.5 wks I think..forgot to track when I first started it! Thankfully I haven't noticed any lash loss...sorry that happened to you!

Jennifer M. said...

I ran across your blog while searching for Product reviews + bzz. I'm a Bzzagent as well and I love your reviews.

I'm your newest follower. If you have time, would you please check out my blog?