Friday, July 3, 2009

I was a lollygagger yesterday.

From the Urban Dictionary:

:Lol'i*gag*er, a.(lollygagging); Lollygagger, The art of being extremely slow at everything; sloth like; moving a small distance in a long time; not quick in motion; tardy; to delay; sluggish; a habitually slow dude.

You know, I'm horrible when it comes to going through things to pitch/donate or pass on otherwise. It's not that I don't like giving things away, it just takes me so blasted long to do it. Internets, I'm a romantic goer-througher. It's horrible to admit, but my husband would probably tell you that it is excruciating to watch me move large hunks of things from one place to another.

I get to looking at pictures.

I get to reading parts of books.

I rearrange things.

I find things that I've forgotten long ago that I owned. Likewise, I find things that I own that I thought I had dispensed of long ago. Perhaps I did, but they liked me so much that they came back-- on their own.

I get bigger and better ideas involving another/other rooms. One room re-do's easily engulf my 1008 sq foot house. My mind wanders and runs off to partial other lands. (In the middle of everything, I decided to run a test spot on the floor with a homemade wax remover. See? For the record, it didn't work.) I have cleaning ADD. It's ugly, my friends. And clearly I'm one of those folks that is a lifetime member to the "Bit off more than I can chew in the time allowed" club. Ah yes, I believe that I'm a charter member. Though I have to tell you that otherwise, I proceed in a caffeinated-like fashion. It doesn't help that I don't find cleaning entertaining. Under the Tree (a local folk band)and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones didn't even give me the kick in the pants I needed. Ugh.

I need a healing right here at my house. At least a nice massage or a Reiki session might set me back to center. Who knows. All I know is that I have a queen sized oak rake bed in my 12' x 14' bedroom somewhere. I'm convinced of it. At least I swear that is where I slept last night . . .

Smiles in my day:
- K- is fascinated with the Food Mover that came with the Richard Simmons exercise videos that I purchased 5 years ago. Oh, don't worry. Only one video made it out of the plastic. Yes,that is exercise dedication.
- K- has been placing our pennies in the smooshed penny books. We have so many pennies that I've collected in a jar. She has been doing a good job booking them.
- I have far more books than I thought. Many interesting things to read and studies to do.
- Photo books from K- through her ages. Oh, what great fun!
- Having space to store all of the things mentioned above. That is, except for the Food Mover. I believe that K- can keep that in her kitchen stuff downstairs in her play area.
- Time is moving as slowly as I am today. That is an advantage to me!
- My 91 year old grandmother fell last night, but I'm glad to report that she is fine. She very slightly skinned a knee. She was reaching for some pop and kept on going. She listened to me last week and kept her life alert necklace on and was able to use it to summon someone for help.
-K- saw me throwing things away and she was taking a sneak walk to the trash can to see what I ditched. I busted her, though. Good thing she didn't see me bagging up all those Thomas and Dora movies. My name would be mud. She hasn't watched them in one sweet forever. Besides, I rotated stock and hoping that she doesn't even notice. I also liberated her drawers from some of the clothes that were clogging them. Hoping that I can score a consignment shop tomorrow that will happily go through my wares and pay me for them.
- After the grandma incident, my aunt sent me home with potato chips. She knows that I love them, but I don't buy them because I love them. Mmmm.
- The cleaning itch that I got helped me to free my side of the bed from all the books that I've purchased but haven't been able to read yet. I've been able to shelf my beads for bracelets. I cleaned out the little nook next to the armoire that only seemed to amass junk and found a new place to stow the sweeper. Now no one will see it when they walk in our room. Hooray!
- Crisp evening air.

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