Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After having been in IKEA for three hours . . .

. . . my dear, sweet 5 year old asks me, "Mommy, am I in a nightmare?" "No, baby. You're in IKEA."

It was a well spent 3 hours and yes, we ate there (we always do.) She was beautifully behaved, but I could see where 3 hours were not something she would have chosen.

But! We bought a bookcase, a banana fiber file box, a small set of pots, some small kitchen gadgets, replacement drinking glasses (I broke one, but IKEA isn't just down the street), a computer chair, and storage containers. What can I say? We knew that we were going there for a while. People, we spent it like we had it.Smiles in my day:
- Moses and the burning bush were a success.
- The Nine Plagues are set to go for tomorrow.
- The bookkeeper had my "get out of jail free card" done when I got to work, so that I could fax it to the jury people. Hopefully they accept my hardship paperwork.
- I watched a snake shed its skin.
- Our new computer chair is quite lovely. Wow! Did we need that!
- Our new bookcase is much taller than I visualized, but we got the length dead on. Approximation of distance couldn't have been any closer! Oh, and Hubs built them both today!
- Hubs hung the hose hanger onto the outside of the house and changed the hose over to the new one.
- The iguana has been eating collards fresh from our garden. K-, too!


Rach said...

ROTFL Your child slays me! :oD

I love love LOVE IKEA. :happy sigh: Enjoy all your newest goodies. How fun to get new bookshelves and desk chairs. :o)

Jamie said...

I love Ikea. I think it is so funny that your Hub likes to go there. Mine hates it and would rather have his left arm ripped off than go to Ikea, but we have given them thousands of dollars over the last 5 years. Ironic.

I love their cinnamon rolls. Esp the fresh ones that are warm. I have never eaten anything else there, though.

New shelves are nice, aren't they?