Sunday, May 3, 2009

My formerly organic lawn

I had to pop in to tell y'all this story.

We love our neighbor. He shares many things with us. Upgrade in electronic equipment? I'll find him on my front porch offering us his discards. His friends have adopted us, too. They all pulled basement parts together to make us a computer, the same fine internet box I'm updating on.

He truly is a kind man. And yesterday while K- and I were out working on the VBS street sign, Mike decided to share.

He sprinkled my formerly organic lawn with his extra weed and feed because he feels bad that his dog pees on our front yard and kills spots of it. My husband had a heart attack when I told him. Oh, we're thrilled that he wants to share and he DID NOT spread his weed and feed in the backyard, which is a great thing. (Truly the organic area that counts, if I were to pick.) A few years ago, Mike shared his weed and feed with us and Hubs was left mowing the front yard every three days.

It looked like a jungle out there.

And today Hubs and I were just commenting on how people hate flowering weeds, but we're rather fond of them.

We'll enjoy them in our backyard. And don't worry, we'll never say anything to Mike. We don't want to hurt his feelings!


Rach said...

Oh, what a sweetie. Eek!! I mean, what a truly kind and generous guy, but oh my word. :sigh:

Kaycee said...

LOL. We have a helpful neighbor too. I can see now how it can be both a blessing and a curse.