Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rambling all the way to Thursday

1. I love K- singing Wrong Number by The Cure with me. I thought that she would love it-- "Lime green, lime green and tangerine . . . " The kid loves green. "Mommy! Find the song!" :)
2. I wouldn't say that our 50 cent Monday thrift store date was completely rockin', but it did score some cool things. I got K- a cute summer dress for 75 cents, a pair of great little sandals for 60 cents, a spring/summer dress for myself for 1.00, a book for a quarter, a Frank Sinatra DVD for Hubs' dad, a Pooh CD for K- for 1.50 and the game Rush Hour for 1.50. That sucker was new!
3. My menu planning Monday got the switcheroo again. I had to pick K- up Tuesday night from the in-law's and they provided a lovely hot bowl of soup with bread and butter. The Turkey Tenderloin was moved to tonight.
4. I rocked on making bracelets to drop off to the gallery. Sure, they are little kid stretchy bracelets that I sell for 4.25 (my take home is 2.40 each), but any little bit helps. It gives the kids an opportunity to get a neat, handmade thing. It makes the parents feel okay because it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, so if it gets lost they aren't stressed. They cost 40 cents or less each to make, so I get a 2.00 profit and I crank them out as I listen to TV. That's not too bad. My bedroom smelled of nail polish, though. (I seal the knots.) Rachel, I thought of Lily. Look at my pile!

I came up with new ones, too. I found a bag of these honkin' cane beads and they are lovely "wheels" that I've accented with some little silver-lined beads.

5. It's Crazy Hat Day at work on Tuesday. I'm not a big hat wearer, but I think that I'll dig into K-'s dress-up bin.
6. This week, I've learned of two families that we know of that are losing their homes to foreclosure. This breaks my heart.
7. In the past few weeks, several family members have been forced to take pay cuts at work (all at 10 % cut, if memory serves). They are all thankful to at least have jobs. Still, the downsized income hurts.
8. Praises out to JMom at Lots of Scotts. She had gall bladder surgery and is recovering well. My friend, Heather had hernia surgery 3 weeks ago and is finally recovering well now that the pesky fever is gone. Mom continues to improve daily from her severe allergic reaction to tetracyline. My friend, Kim, received test results this week and her physical issues can hopefully be resolved by tweaking with one small pill. That's wonderful!
9. My brother applied for a job. This may not sound like a huge feat, but he has found every reason under the sun not to apply for jobs. Internets, my brother has been unemployed for two years. My brother is bipolar, but fully functional while medicated. Where this is a reasonable excuse for many things, he had just plainly become too accustomed to being leisurely.
10. My church is having a date night in about a week and a half. We will be watching the movie,
Fireproof, having dessert and they have childcare. Oh praise God in heaven! We get to hang out with friends, meet some people we don't know, watch a movie I've heard a lot about, hopefully eat cheesecake (though, I'm good with many desserts!) and all for the bargain price of $12.00! We even get a book, but I don't quite recall what it is.
11. Hubs borrowed Storm Chasers from the library and we're going to be watching it tonight. Hooray!
12. I've finally figured out the 15 year old teen issues I've been having with my skin-- laundry detergent. Sam's Club, great holder of my laundry detergent, decided to switch scents on me. Well, it has made me look all giddy with teenage break-outs. It took at least a month for me to figure it out. (Eeek.) In the middle of the night a few nights ago, it hit me! Hubs found the non-offending detergent and the laundry will be a safe thing once again. I know that you are so happy to know that.
13. I always laugh at the girl on America's Next Top Model that falls apart because they cut off all their hair. Shock of shockers! They signed up for this! It's like expecting Chef Ramsay not to yell at someone. (Which would be great if he toned down the language a bit.)
14. This week has been museum week at the gallery. Lots of lookie-loo's, lots of touching, lots of NOT buying and leaving. I spent 3 hours polishing jewelry in one of our 30 cases. The day was a freakin' snoozer. My hands were filthy black. The jewelry shines like "the top of the Chrysler Building," though. (Name that movie.)
15. I ordered K- these
Tevas in Daisy Red. I can't wait for them to arrive! Kiddo is aching to wear sandals that fit! (I've been a flunky mom. She's been wearing last years and they are a 10-10 1/2. She's wearing a 12 now! Oh, and they were a better price when I ordered them a few days ago, so hooray for that!)
16. Though you will never find me eating one, I always get a chuckle out of the "Give me back that Filet O Fish, Give me that fish . . . " song that the Billy Bass is singing for McDonald's. My friend, Beth, would call it "Hee-Ho-Hilarious!"


Jamie said...

Holy smokes, that's quite a list for today!

Bailey makes those bracelets too, she does beads and thread. She sells hers at my events and makes a killing.

My skin has been a giant hot mess lately, too. I switched face soaps because I couldn't get to whole foods to buy my usual and lets just say that was a big mistake! I've since switched back and I'm doing better, but you can never seem to get back where you started.

Rach said...

The bracelets are beautiful. Nail polish indeed. ;o)

I've been dealing with cruddy skin as well, but I think mine is more stress related than anything else. It's FINALLY starting to clear up. Whew!

Lil too is desperate to get to sandals season. Last year's aren't quite cutting it, thank goodness the Crocs still fit. :oP

Enjoy your Thursday! :o)

GERBEN said...

Well check you out rambling away. Wish I were half as motivated to blog or even accomplish what you have listed here.

The kid bracelets are so cute. I have zero creative talent.

Crazy hat day?? Oh how I would love that! We Gerbens just love CRAZY hats!

Yeah, the economy is so bad right now. I don’t know of anyone personally who is in danger of losing their home, but I know that we are all just one major accident or pay cut or lost job away from tough times.

YAY for your brother on the job application and hugs to all of your friends who have had sickness or surgery. May they all heal quickly and completely.