Monday, March 9, 2009

A CPSIA Hooray!

I just got clearance from Colleen at Darice that their products listed for 12 and under comply with CPSIA guidelines (as they have for a year now) and I can go back to making and selling my children's bracelets at work. I held off until I got the official word.

Thank you Darice for making beads safe to use in children's jewelry! Hooray for you!


Jamie said...

That's excellent news!

Now, if the clothing law would be overturned...

Rach said...

Hooray for the excellent news! As for the perfume thing up there, I hear ya. I have a girlfriend I adore whose perfume I can't stand. She hugs me and I'm COVERED in it and have to smell it all. day. long. Ick.