Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Gave My Broom a Haircut and Other Caffeinated Tales

I've had an Excedrin Migraine today. I had an afternoon slump with a little bit of a tingy headache that has been after me for a few days. I no longer have the headache. But now I'm running in circles.

So, I went to clean the bathroom today was at the end and couldn't find my broom. Then I remembered seeing it outside of the door. I made my husband go to retrieve my nice I paid a bit of money for it broom and discovered that he had pushed the snow off the truck with it leaving it all looking like it had manic hair. I don't like a manicky hair looking broom. They don't sweep really well. So, in a huff I have the broom a haircut. I also made Hubs promise that he would not use my broom as a heavy snow pusher again.

Onward. The bathroom is sparkling again.

I have done my weekly Lysoling.

I finished painting K-'s step stool/chair and the coat of sealer is drying. The step stool is in the middle of my table to keep both the child and the cat from sitting on it.

I remembered to flip the couch cushions.

I have a load in the washer and need to flip it.

I cleaned up the kitchen before dinner, but you can't tell. Dirty dinner dishes, a table with a painted step stool and drying Valentine's all over don't make for a tidy kitchen. I really must fix that.

I went bargain hunting today at the local Target, got many things bought to put up, but it looks like a clearance rack exploded in the middle of my bed. The good news is that K-'s Easter basket purchases are now finished. What is she getting? Well, the clearance rack at Target provided quite a catch of sports related items last week and this week. Just look!
A pink metal T-ball bat for $4.98 (was $9.99)
A pink T-ball glove for 6.48 (was $12.99)
A pink T-ball for $3.99
A golf/croquet set for $4.98 (was $9.99)
A Dora tennis racket for $3.84 (was $15.39)
Moonsand for $1.99 (was $3.99)
Cars Leapster Game for $6.22 (was 24.89)
Noodleboro Manners Game for $3.24 (was $12.99)

Now, I'm pleased to say that all of these items would have cost $94.23, but I saved $58.52 and paid the grand sum of $35.71 for everything. The Easter Basket is set. I'm not a put candy in the basket kind of mom since my mother-in-law more than makes up for that, so this is good.

Oh, I did play damsel in distress and called my neighbor with the testosterone powered snow blower when the snow plow made it's twice a year trip down my street. Hubs was on his way home and since it was a good 18 inches of heavy street snow, I called Mike. I knew that he would save me. He told me that he would take care of it and not to even bother coming out. He then proceeded to dig out 5 or 6 more driveways before he got to his own. But, I did help him get his soccer mom van out of the street yesterday, so I did my part. Still, it is pretty rockin' to have neighbors that you can call on to give you a hand. We've all been pushing/shoveling and clearing each other out the last few days. It's a great place to live.

Did I mention that I have been able to find a box to fit everything to be shipped off to my friends in Milwaukee? I decided to take full advantage of the mailing service that my father-in-law is able to provide and went with a smallish box of items for my friend's birthday, both of her daughter's birthdays and gifts for the girls for Easter. We'll tuck in one of our handcrafted and recycled Valentine's and be good to go.

Oh, did I also fail to mention that there was another child on the Valentine list that K- brought home from school today. One more than was on the original contact sheet thus making me have to make more Valentine's? I had just enough and K- and I have continued to intermittently work on them. Crafting them should be done tomorrow, but I'll have her write the children's names on the envelopes herself. That should take another few days of work alone!

They've been yelping more about some more snow coming. Argh. Normally I'm a fan of winter. Since we've had the first normal winter in I can't tell you how long, it's beginning to wear on me. Yesterday I called my friend so that she didn't miss the glimpse of sun we had. It was filtered through the sky still, but we were able to make out a yellow ball. It was glorious no matter how filtered it was.

Have I mentioned my caffeine intake? It was only one. I promise.

I have a date with dishes. And laundry. And a pile of gifts to put away. I believe that I'll tackle that tomorrow since we, for the first time in three years, have no Little Gym to go to. Sad.

Thanks for letting me ramble on.

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Shell said...

I hear you on the snow! I live in Alaska, and while we haven't gotten dumped on quite like you have, we're still getting a lot, and I can't wait for spring! :)