Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't You Love It When You Find Deals?

I had a list of things to do today. It started with last night. I got off work a few hours early since my portion of the inventory count was done, and I had been stuck in two of the worse counting areas-- the dusty, old basement and outside. My partner and I were given the green light to go home. My allergy attack thanked them. So, I landed home much earlier than I expected. I answered a few e-mails and decided that I would get to work. I was on a mission. I had to go through K-'s toys without her present. I tried to be diplomatic and do it with her here, but after the 10th time of hearing, "No Mommy, I still play with that," I had to do it when she was off in other places. I gathered up a box of toys to drop off at a friends house and a paper sack full of McDonald's Happy Meal toys and a few other small things that I knew my friend couldn't use.

My day began with getting K- up and out to school. I knew that I needed to change the school bulletin board, but do it without her knowledge. I dropped her off, went by my friends house to drop off the box o' toys, flew by the Goodwill drop off, then back to school. I was able to get the bulletin board done with enough time to return some slippers that I bought that were too small. I was returning them with the intention of getting K- a cute shirt that I saw at the freestanding JC Penney. (It is the only real store in the plaza up the street. A Goodwill is next to it and Joann's is around the corner.) I ruined a shirt of hers with stain remover. Removed the stain and color in one fell swoop. But, she got the shirt for Christmas, wore it once and I felt horrible. I was able to make the exchange. Since Goodwill was next door and the coupon from my toy drop off was still very warm and burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to see what I could find. OH SWEET HEAVEN! I cashed in.
I admit that I spent 16.00, but I don't think that I did that bad. I bought a beautiful zip up sweater for K- that looks brand new. The blue shirt has lots of sparkles and seems hardly worn, as well. (I am kind of a thrift snob, I buy the stuff that only looks new.) I found a few pair of Nikes for her and since that is the only brand of tennis shoe that fit on her skinny feet, I'm happy to run a mommy refurb on them. (Run them through the washer, hit with scuff cover if needed, use mink oil or saddle soap to keep 'em nice.) I found shorts for Hubs. We only buy shorts and pants for work for him at the thrift or Goodwill. With what he does, he just ruins them. The shorts were on sale and with my coupon, they were 80 cents a pair. I even found myself a pair! I did buy K- a few pair of pants in the next size up. I also found a yard of fabric that I thought would be enough to recover my hideous couch pillows, but it isn't even close. I can use it on something else. That was only 80 cents, so it isn't a loss. I did find an item for a gift for next Christmas. They had a gorgeous table runner from Target-- in the packaging and in perfect condition-- for $2.00. It is tagged $19.99. (Of course, my discount made it all of $1.60.) I haven't had a good thrift day like that in a long time! A great part of it was that I was able to hit JC Penney and Goodwill, and be back at the school in one hours time. Now, that is a real good shopping day!

We're off to the dental unit in just a bit. K- and I have simultaneous cleaning appointments. Our dentist is 25 miles away, so it is a bit of a haul to get out there. We love him dearly, though and aren't willing to change to save on gas. Here's to hoping that we are cavity free!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Those are some really good deals!
I have a bag of toys in the back of my car just itching to be dropped off somewhere. Next time I'm over by Volunteers of America they will be getting a donation.
I tried to save money today but it didn't work. I joined a menu planning website and used their menus (tweaked for allergies) and went to the grocery today and instead of saving money I was up $100.00 by the time I left. OUCH! Since it was only the first week, we'll see how next week goes. I was cleaned out from the holidays and did have to restock the pantry along with the our meals for the week. But on a brighter note with the fuel perks I amassed from the last few months I only paid 79 cents per gallon for gas today. Must find a ray of sunshine somewhere.(how funny that my word verification is "dentl". Hope your visit was cavity free)

Jamie said...

Great deals! I love the goodwill. You are lucky that your hubby will wear things from thrift shops/Goodwill. Mine will not.

Did you know about the new second hand kids clothing law going into effect next month? Supposedly the CPSC is banning the sale of all kids clothes unless they are tested to be free of lead and some other chemical. (and testing is not cheap!) Such a crock of crap in my opinion. So go stock up now! LOL.

Natalie said...

I was a little concerned when I read the comment about the new law going into effect next month, so I checked on the CPSC website and there has been new information released. The law will only require the testing to be done on "new" items. There will be no testing required for items being sold at consignment or thrift shops. I bet that is a big relief for all second hand stores and those of us who like to make our thrifty purchases at those stores.