Thursday, December 11, 2008

We interrupt this blog for a temporary break.

I need a bloggy hiatus. It's not that I've been at this for too long and have nothing to say. Mom would say that I could talk myself to death. There is just only so much of me, only so much time and holy Batman-- it's nearly Christmas!

I haven't one cookie baked. AAAAAAAA!

So Tuesday, as we had a lull at work, I wrote out a schedule. It scared the young'ns (seasonals). The one said, "That's an awful lot you are writing down there." Yes, I'm a busy mommy. Let me give you my excuse note for breaking until Monday, December 15 and being a bit spotty in the blog until after Christmas.

Thurs. Dec 11-- K- has preschool in the AM. The new washer is to be delivered sometime in the convenient 2 hour window of 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM. I had to make arrangements for K- to be picked up from preschool and brought back home. In trade, I'll be watching my friend's daughter (K-'s friend) while she goes to a doctor's appointment. I have the Christmas tree to put up for my 91 year old grandmother. I need to begin the wardrobe boxes for the American Girl doll clothes that I have for gifts for K- and my nieces. They must be complete by Saturday. I also have festival choir practice from 7-10 PM. House cleaning day! Perhaps while K- is at school. Oh, and I have to fix up the top of the Christmas tree. We lost a set of lights and Hubs had to reconfigure and relight. Yes, it involved installing a new set of lights.
Fri. Dec 12-- We have Little Gym at 9 AM. I need to set my table that I am hosting for the church Christmas Tea. I need to finish the American Girl boxes and bake some cookies if I have any time left.
Sat. Dec 13-- K- goes to a friend while I host the tea table. I'll drop the American Girl boxes off with my mother-in-law to have my father-in-law UPS on Monday. I'll go home and bake cookies.
Sun. Dec 14-- Church in the AM. Dip chocolate pretzels in the afternoon. Choir in the PM.
Mon. Dec 15-- Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes. Yes. I'll be participating. If only hubs can get the top of the tree lit again. I fear that I'll be resetting the top between now and then. Or, you'll have to ignore the lack of light. I forgot to mention that I work. 10AM - 6PM. Finish bits of gift wrapping. But y'all are more than welcome to come over. We're happy to have you. I'll pull out some basement cold bottled water and hopefully there will be some cheese doodles left in the bag for me to share with you. (I'm a better hostess than that!)
Tues. Dec 16 & Wed. Dec 17-- Work 10 AM - 6 PM. Wrap lids for cookie boxes.
Thurs. Dec 18-- K- last day of preschool before break. Send book for party and gifts for teachers. Prep for K-'s birthday party. Choir from 7 PM - 10 PM. Clean house.
Fri. Dec 19-- Little Gym at 9 AM. Make birthday cake. Couch tech coming sometime in a convenient 2 hour window. Remember my new couch? Um, they are going to try to figure out how to fix the damage that it came with. Ugh. Have I said that I see a new couch replacement in my future? I do believe so!
Sat. Dec 20-- K-'s 5th birthday! Party from 2PM - 4:30PM.
Sun. Dec 21-- Church AM. Festival Choir performance 6 PM. Assemble cookie boxes in afternoon.
Mon. Dec 22-- Work 10 AM - 6 PM. Slosh day for cookie box construction. HAPPY HOME DAY! Do something fun with K- to celebrate her coming into our lives. (Yes, most people call it Gotcha Day, but we're not most people. I was inspired to call it happy home day after the very first ornament that we bought for her commemorating her 1 year anniversary with us. Yes, I will take a picture and post it, but not now. I need to sweep the floor. The washer people are coming, the washer people are coming!)
Tues. Dec 23-- Work 10 AM - 6 PM. Sibling get-together at McD's for K-. Bring Christmas and Birthday gifts. 6 PM.
Wed. Dec 24-- Work 10 AM - 3 PM. Christmas Eve.

Breathe in . . . breathe out . . .

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