Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Prayer Request

My 6 year old nephew is in the local Children's Hospital with Viral Pneumonia. His blood oxygen is not doing so great and he is just a mess. His name is Billy. If you could belt out a prayer for him, I would appreciate it. So would my brother and his family.


Edited to add on Tuesday night: The Lord hears prayers! You are such wonderful prayer warriors! The news this morning wasn't good. But, he has begun to stablilize. He is still not out of the woods by any means, but he is doing a little better. Keep up the praying! I'll keep the updates coming. Just link back to this post.

Edited to add on Wednesday morning: My nephew continues to do better. His fever finally spiked for the last time at 9 PM last night. He was taken off oxygen at about 2 AM. If he is able to keep a doctor requested amount of food down, he will be able to come home today.

It seems as though my sister-in-law, his mother, is suffering from the same virus and she is not so well. They do have her on an antibiotic, but my brother said that he wouldn't be surprised if she ends up in the hospital.

They do know that what my nephew has is viral. At this point, they are questioning whether it was specifically Viral Pneumonia, but he is responding to their treatment. I will continue to update. Thank you again for all of your prayers. My heart is more thankful than I can express.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Prayers going out!

Michelle said...

Will definitely pray for your nephew!

Natalie said...

We will be praying! Keep us posted on how he is doing!