Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Motivation to Minimize: Why do I have 3 bundt pans?

For a very long time, even before we were married, M and I discussed his want to move out west.  That want of his has never gone away.  It quieted a bit, but over the past few years, the call has been louder.  The Pacific Northwest is calling him and to the PNW we will go-- some day.

(And before any family panics, K would be out of high school so it isn't any time soon at all.)

We sit back and consider what a move to what most likely would be the Seattle area would involve.  While this move is no where in any near future, we look to now to start asking the question-- do I really need this?

We watched a documentary about The Minimalists.  Now don't think that we went all cult churchy about them, but their points are very reasonable.

We don't need all the stuff that we have.  As my title says, why do I have three bundt pans?  I can tell you how I have three bundt pans.  I can also tell you that I do not need all three bundt pans.  In fact, I forgot that I owned one of the three.

I can also tell you that I cannot recall the last time I used the bread maker.  I do admit that I used it for the first several years we had it.

I can tell you that I have tried the Cake Pop maker a few times, it sucks and I'll never use it.  I also don't need the chocolate warmer that I bought to go with it.

I have several cake carriers.

I have several odd pots and pans that my aunt purchased for me.  I have never used them because I have tried and true pots and pans.  Never had the room for them on the pot rack.

I have never used that 4 piece set of china that my neighbor gave to me not long after we moved in.  It's taking up space and I do not need them.  We do not use them.  We have never used them.

I have a crock-pot that is extra hot.  (Meaning warm is low, low is high, high is extra boiling.)  It has always been this way and I have to watch what I cook in it.

Clothes.  Shoes.  None of us are clothes horses by any stretch, but sweet love of all, I went half way through our closet and through my half of the armoire and was able to produce 2 trash bags of clothes (the white kitchen kind) with absolutely no problem.

Hello, rummage sale.  They will be getting a lot of things from us this year.

We have found that we have truly been re-evaluating what we think we need, what we have that we can re-purpose, what we have that we think that we want to replace and why . . .