Friday, January 2, 2015

From tree, to wreckage to calm.

 From the beauty of a tree that took me 12 hours to decorate.

 To cards that came in the mail.

To legs of the man I married, pulling boxes down from the attic with K.

To the wreckage taking shape.

To the remaining gifts yet to be distributed.  Those are going out today.

To the old late 1800's trunk I have to contain most it all.  Well, the ornaments that is.

To my baby who said, "Mom, is it okay for me to write out my thank you's?"  Um, yes!  I love that I didn't have to ask or even remind.  :)

Stripped of the ornaments.

 All the while watching a Gilmore Girls marathon.

Picks from the tree and birthday gifts.

A thankful child all while we're keeping it real with the mess she is working around.

Tucked in tight for another year.

The man in action of de-lighting the tree.

Who says that a fake tree doesn't shed?  Hubs insists that it is because I put so much stuff on it.  I think it is that and that the tree has had it's 16th year of use.

Ah, calm restored.

 And the kitty in the window, just as it should be.

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Hey, I see our card up there :)

I LOVE your old trunk. How special is that? And I love that it contains all your goodies.