Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

The week started out a bit rough.  K came down with a nasty cold the day after her birthday.  We were to go to church on Sunday, but before Hubs left for work, he came to tell me that K was feeling a bit funky.

I looked at the child and knew.

We stayed home and by the time we would have been getting out of church, she started running a fever.  Glad we skipped sharing that with the masses.

She was in bed for 2 1/2 days, drinking unlimited amounts of 7-Up, since no food sounded good and at least something was going in.  Hubs stayed with her as I went to work.  Thank goodness for remaining vacation days.

We were going to go Monday to celebrate Happy Home Day, but K was still far too ill.  We moved it to Tuesday.  Santa gave me a little jingle to tell me that Buddy, our Elf on the Shelf, could make the car trip.  We've never gone on a field trip with Buddy, but he was so concerned about K and her illness that Santa decided that a trip would be fine.  Hubs strapped him in with the elfin' car seat that K made.  I mean, how fun is it to see lights and not be able to see them?  She didn't touch Buddy, but he did get a box and boxes to keep him right where he needed to be.

We drove past a house with 2 million lights.  Y'all, that was more lights than I've ever seen.  Ever.  You'd think it would be tacky, but they were all standard lights, not varying sizes, no blow-ups or anything like that.  Everything was of a similar light theme and their displays were concentrated together in theme with ground lights (Christmas lights creating defined areas) bringing it all together. If ever you are out that way, it was in Salem, Ohio on Quaker Lane.  11 acres.  2 million lights.  A must-see.

I only worked until 3 PM on Christmas Eve, so I ran out to the pharmacy real quick on my way home.  Forgot to do it sooner and I was so thankful that they were still opened.  K had to get her science fair project started, so our plan was to bust that out before we left for the evening.  (She's growing green bean seeds in different growing mediums/lights to see what does better.)  Science Fair is January 24 and we would have had this started earlier, but her teacher didn't give them the information until right before break and K's cold/flu/virus held our plans off for a few days.  We got it handled, cole slaw made and we were all out the door by 5:45 PM to get to my parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner.

I lost the Chia pet in the White Elephant.  Drat it all.  It got snitched a few times.  We did get the gloves and earrings for K, along with a bag of holiday wearables.  The Chia pet was Uncle Si and since I've never watched DD, I could care less.  I've secretly dreamed of growing a Chia pet since I was a kid.  Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and Chia in the garden window . . .

Hubs didn't sleep Christmas Eve.  I woke up at 6 with him walking up and down the hall.  He decided to move Leia's stocking off the hook and with he rest of them, but didn't realize that there was an ornament on her hook and it came crashing down.  I got up.  "What did you just break?"  It was a metal elf ornament, so all was well.  He told me later that he was "being very quiet."  Um, no.  He had his slippers on and they were so loud.  We have the 7 AM rule on Christmas and Easter and somehow Hubs didn't wake her up with all of the racket, but he decided to come lay down at 6:45 AM with just 15 minutes to rest.  Nice.
My tree is not leaning.  I think I may have been leaning when I took the photo.
K enjoyed her things.  As a reminder, we subscribe to the 3 gifts from Santa rule.  Santa brought her a reading lamp (he told me he paid $15 for it), a set of Dork Diary books (he went to the Scholastic Book Fair and put in some sweat equity hours in trade) and the Our Generation RV.  I bought K a soft and smooshy gray leopard robe and some lovely raccoon slippers.  Hubs bought K a remote control truck.  The cat loves it.

Hubs gave me an Ice-T list of things he wanted.  I was able to tackle most of the list.  He told me to go through and Amazon.  He said that he didn't care if it was new or used.  (Neither one of us care, actually.)  I only ran into one shipping problem with, but I contacted the individual after 2 previous attempts.  I had to threaten negative feedback and filing a claim.  Surprisingly, she got back to me within the 24 hour period I gave, she gave a refund, sent the item out priority mail and apologized profusely.  Since that happened, I had more money I could spend, so I was able to buy him another item on his list.  He loved his stack o' loot and was thrilled that I bought him something that he didn't know even existed.

As for me, my people spoiled me.  K bought me a beautiful purple scarf and the Mother Love Bone Record Store Day vinyl release of Hold Your Head Up.

Hubs bought me Into the Wild and the soundtrack, along with Water on the Road.  The second package I opened, because we all do the three item rule, I opened the Ten vinyl reissue box set. (It was a resale item, but had absolutely all of the extras in the box.)  It was at that point that I figured that package number three had to be A TURNTABLE! (It was an open box score.  Turns out that the people couldn't get it to turn and all they needed to do was to read the instructions and attach the belt. Hubs got it for half off because of it and that is GREAT!)

Hubs even built a shelf for it yesterday.  We don't have an entertainment center and I'm not a big fan of getting one anyhow.  Our TV is old and 180 pounds, so what we have it sitting on is about all that will hold it.

We had a nice holiday.  Yesterday was spent at home, hanging out together.  Because my brother's dog ate his Christmas cookies, I did run the extras to him and some thumbprints to my mom (missed an entire pan of cookies when I was putting them together.)  We sat together and watched Into the Wild together.

Hubs is back to work today and I have the smell of brownies filling the house, as I've prepared to go visit with a friend this afternoon.

I hope that this holiday season finds you well and able to spend some time together with family and friends.

Friday, December 26, 2014

We don't know why . . .

K fell asleep with her head inside of the Our Generation RV that Santa brought her.  We do know that she is enjoying it. 

The cat wasn't bothered by it. 

She decided that K looked like a comfortable place to stop and take a rest.  After all, isn't that what cats labeled as "wild/feral" do?  :S

Perhaps I'll just be like my human and take a nap. Christmas is exhausting, you know.  :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Since I work holiday retail, I always sit on Christmas Eve as a pile of tired.  This year, there is a family thing going on and it seems to have sucked the life out of all of us.  Compound the new family funk added on top of existing family strife.  That has made this holiday even tougher.

It's sad.  I'm a peace loving middle child, after all.

Despite all of that, we have celebrated K's 11th birthday Friday and Saturday.  (One day wasn't enough!)  She had a great time on Friday with her cousins and a couple of friends, we went to the planetarium show on Sunday (her request) and were able to spend a nice day together.  Sunday morning was to be a church day, but K woke up feeling a might funky.  She had one of THE virus' running around and it laid her flat in bed for 2 1/2 days.  She got better in time for Christmas Eve!  So, her illness probably hasn't helped my slump this evening.

Buddy the Elf has gone back to the North Pole this evening.  When we left for family Christmas Eve, he left K a letter and a snow globe, then away he went.  She's left cookies and tea for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.

Christmas Eve brought my cousin giving me a copy of the cook book that she created from recipes from her mom.  Her mama was my Godmother.  My Aunt Carol died 5 years ago from brain cancer and I was very close to her.  When the recipe book came up in the White Elephant and they were reading from it, I sat there in tears.  Oh, how I miss Aunt Carol.

This year we don't have my sister's Happy Birthday Jesus cake, though.  That makes my heart sad.  :(

My kiddo is on the mend.

My gifts are wrapped and some of those have been delivered by either USPS or by hand.

Cookies have been distributed.

We have a home and family and heat, water and essentials that so many others don't.

We have so many things to be thankful for.  Though my holidays seem to be awash of bad decisions made by people who know better and are bumming me out, I have so many other wonderful things to be thankful for.  I don't want the bad choices of a few to override the joy of many.

We celebrate Christ's birthday.  That is far more important than any peripheral garbage going on in my life.

We might not have a Jesus' birthday cake, but we have Jesus and that is far more important than a piece of cake any day.

Merry Christmas to all.