Friday, May 30, 2014

The great land of busy.

Hey!  Believe me, I've been around.  What have I done this week?

Monday- Gardening and picnic foods with my people. Through the week, we have found a few more to add to the obituary list of plants.  The dwarf bee balm didn't make it and I'm almost certain that we are to add headstones where the butterfly bushes used to reside.  A lot of Asiatic lilies didn't come back.  My asters seem to be ailing.

Tuesday-  Work.  I can't remember what else, but I definitely worked.

Wednesday-  I worked.  I scored some concert tickets.  Life is good.  :)

Thursday-  Garden Fair with 530 kiddos at the school.  I bought plastic drinking cups that we filled with dirt, put their names on the outside and allowed them to pick between a veggie seed table or a flower seed table.  We labeled the type of seed that they planted and sent them off and away.  We cycled through 22 classrooms.  It took all 4 of us to get the job done, but it worked well.  Right after I got that handled with the ladies, we switched gears and got ready to serve 300+ children ice cream sundaes that they earned from all of their reading throughout the year.

Friday-  Today was Field Day.  K and I were up, out and at school by 7:07 AM to meet up with the inflatable company.  I was on float today.  I ran for 600 popsicles, helped to set up the picnic area, dragged tables and chairs and ran in and out and, oh my-- I'm so very tired.  K and I hung out in the end, manned ourselves with plastic bags and went trolling for garbage.  I swooped back by the inflatables and thanked the gentlepeople for bringing them (we rented, but they are still a great company), helped the gym teacher pick up and bring in all of his gym gear, locked everything up, talked to a few more people, got K to help her teacher take some things out, stopped by the bank with reimbursement checks and off to home.

We're eating pizza tonight.  No, I don't feel bad about it.  Little Caesars, here we come!