Thursday, December 4, 2014

What would 5th grade be without another story?

K called me on my cell the other day.  I was at work and she typically doesn't phone.  I stepped outside to see what was up.

"Mom, Mr. H moved a few seats around today."

"Let me guess.  You are sitting next to Z."

"Yes.  He only moved about 5 kids around and he was put in front of me."

"I'll write a note tomorrow to Mr. H to ask that you be moved."

"Oh, thank you!"

You know, I am to the point where I encourage K advocating for herself.  I always have, but I really have tried to take the training wheels off.  It has been up to K to talk to her teacher about different issues she has had.

This one was a bit bigger issue than what she could handle on her own.

You see, Z is the MOST distracting child in the ENTIRE 5th grade.  I'm not exaggerating.  Truly, I'm being honest.  Imagine Pig-Pen.  Add that Pig-Pen whirling dervish of garbage, underpit smell and ADHD.  Now, I am an ADD/ADHD chick myself.  I've got it and understand that you tend to be obnoxious and don't really mean to.  However, he is uber obnoxious and he thinks it is cute.
Graphic from Peanuts Wiki.
Not cool.

I emailed her teacher to ask that she please be moved.  I said that from previous experience, we know how this will play out.  I said that Z is "distracting in a multitude of ways" and to please, please help.

He keeps poking K.  K finally got sick of it yesterday and kept getting out of her seat to step away from it.  (I told her that she needs to not do that.)  The teacher did see it and told Z that he WILL be moved.  Any day would be most excellent.  Mr. H is definitely not the most motivated teacher that K has ever had.  None of the 5th grade staff are.

Z never comes to school prepared, so the children around him are forced to share their learning materials with him because he has forgotten his book . . .  The children around him are expected to tutor him in whatever subject that he doesn't understand.  He is so busy trying to be football player/wrestler cool all combined with the ADHD that he doesn't understand most of what is given.  (I hesitate to say "taught" since teaching isn't so much what appears to be done there.)

I told Mr. H that K is having a difficult enough time in 5th grade and that this is not going to help.

Rrr.  I'm hoping that wherever 6th grade is, that it will be better than 5th.  5th is just sucking the life out of us this year.  It has been one thing after another and it is just exhausting.


Rach said...

Hang in there, you're just about half way there. :oS

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I'm glad he was moved. Hugs and hang in there. Your 5th sounds like our 7th.