Thursday, August 28, 2014

The 5th Grade

The first day of the last day of elementary school.  My kiddo isn't the little kiddo she was when she started.  

This was first grade.  (Yes, I have kindergarten but remember that the computer crashed?  It's squirreled away in a file and when it saved, it saved things in weird blocks.)  You'll see her riding Sparkle, her hobby horse unicorn.  Sparkle still exists, but she's just stowed away.  

That backpack was carried through 2 years of preschool and 3 years of elementary before the locker hang loop broke off. She needed to move up to a bigger backpack anyhow.  

Last year of elementary.  I can't believe it.  


Rach said...

I think I'm a little bit sad. :o( Look at how big she's gotten...

We have to get a new backpack this year as the deer and trees is simply too little for third grade. :sigh: Boy they really do grow up quickly.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Should I tell you that K is still rockin' the trees and deer lunch bag one more year? Next year, we may have to roll back to the old lunch bag-- bright yellowy green with a gecko. For now, deer and trees it is.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Have a wonderful year, Miss K!!