Thursday, April 17, 2014

The stuffing of the eggs.

514 plastic eggs to be exact.  K is on spring break this week and she asked if we could stuff eggs on Thursday.  Okay.  I'm happy to have the help!

The egg stuffer.  :)  Don't worry.  I helped stuff!
All stuffed!
The "basket pick" basket.
Since the kids are getting older, we opted for some things that the older kids might appreciate.  We're not going to cut them off from hunting for eggs.  Believe me, let's keep kids kids for as long as possible.  What's in the pick basket?  Pencils, glue sticks, erasers, crazy straws, book covers, a pack of stickers, crayons, tracing strips (a lot of them!), pens, book covers and noise makers.

The giant heart is our "not golden golden egg."  The kid who finds it has a special prize inside.  This year, it is 4 packs of gum and little heart papers that you can plant & will grow into flowers.

We have our family hunt at my sister's house.  They are out in the country and she has 5 acres.  Her man goes around and hides the eggs with whatever other man (this year it's my brother Dumpy) and then the kids take off.  They spread out everywhere!  For whatever it is worth, they tend to find eggs into August.  They return them to me for filling the following year.

My part of the family Easter Egg Hunt is complete.  Are you and your peeps hunting?

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