Friday, February 21, 2014

You go, Dear Abby!

I was reading an article about a woman that wrote to Dear Abby with a problem.  Nothing new there. Her problem was that she and her spouse did not approve of the lifestyle of their gay neighbors, so therefore she did not invite those neighbors over when it came time for them to host a neighborhood shin-dig.  She writes to say that she and her spouse are now being excluded.


We have neighborhood gentleman who are gay.  They are the most wonderful neighbors ever.  We love them and they love our daughter as if she was their very own.  I've written about Mr. Don and Mr. Glenn before.  I would never want to leave them out, though I'm certain that in situations in life they have been left out.

We've shoveled each others driveway aprons.  They have cleared out sidewalk on more occasions that I can count.  We've swapped food back and forth.  We've played at their house.  They've played at our house.  We've gardened at both houses.  Mr. Don had his hip replaced and we checked in on him and K took care of him when Mr. Glenn was at work.  Mr. Don drove me to have my foot casted.  We've passed baking supplies back and forth across the street.  I taught Don how to can.  They have watched K and have picked her up from the bus stop.  We've chuckled and shared neighborhood dirt. I've called them to borrow linens and not only do they have them, but they've delivered them freshly laundered AND pressed!  (My sister was jealous.)  I think that it is a safe thing to say that all of us enjoy having each other as neighbors.

How so very sad.  That lady is missing out on a couple that she is not even willing to get to know.

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Rach said...

I read the Dear Abby the day it was posted (I might have a Dear Abby habit...) and was delighted by her response! She started by calling the woman out on saying it was a "lifestyle choice", stating it *WASN'T* a choice, but a fact of who they are.

Did you see the Ask Amy where she tackled the subject of homosexuality? It was brilliant! :o)

Live and let live, folks. Live and let live.