Saturday, February 1, 2014

Three more weeks.

Our children have not attended a full week of school since that last week before Christmas break.

We had two weeks off for winter break.

We had three additional days off (Jan 6-8) because of Polar Vortex 1.  January 6 & 7 was - 12 F.  Yipe.  On the third day, the buses didn't start.  I've already complained about the lack of common sense with that one.

We had the 17th off because of city wide in-service.

We had the 20th off for MLK.  A great day off and it should be off.

We had the 24th off because it was a tad cold.  The same thing goes for the 27th.  I think we could have been at school those two days and I'm not the only one who thinks that.

We had January 28-29 off because of Polar Vortex 2.  It was -10.8 F.  Yes.  Way too cold.

Now we have February 5 off for a Teacher Work Day.

We have Valentine's Day off, well, because we do.  The calendar doesn't list a good reason why, but I'm thinking that it is a conference compensation day.

February 17th is off for President's Day.

So that means that if all of the Polar Vortexes (is that plural form correct?) stay where they live and the school doesn't decide to cancel for a 2 MPH breeze, our first FULL week of school since the week of December 20 will be February 24 - 28.

I can't be the only parent who finds that crazy.  The end.


Rach said...

During the 1992-93 school year, we didn't have solid week of school from Winter Break through April where we didn't have a snow day, early release, delayed opening or some such. In April, we missed a week because a blizzard dumped over 2' of snow. We lost power. It was ugly. They don't just cancel school in the 'burg. It has to be BAD. There was a LOT of ice that year.

It was sheer unadulterated hell for everyone. I had AP classes and AP exams in May we had to prep for and we didn't have all the material. Teachers were holding after school study sessions for an hour a day. Mercy. It was so bad.

As for the multiple Polar V-thingies, I'm going with "Vorticies". More than one "vertex" are "verticies", so I figure it fits. ;o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

We have Presidents Day off but not the other two. Our old school has Valentine's Day off for "teacher in service".
I'm sorry but all these days off are ridiculous. We had 2 maybe 3 in service days off a year and the regular holidays.
I swear my kids are OUT of school more than they are in it.