Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A paid day off and a pot of soup.

I got the call at 6:15 AM to say that my place of employment was on a delay open.  We usually open at 10 AM (and 6:15 AM was a little early to call) but with the 3" of snow covered with ice, it was decided that there would be a wait-and-see approach to opening.

Julia, my coworker, texted me to ask what the update on work was.  She said she doesn't speak English at 6 AM.  I gave her my update and called Judy back.  She said to give her another hour to make a determination.

She called before that hour was up.  The local university (which is a block and a half behind our store) closed, so she decided to close, too.  HOORAY!   A paid day off to putz around the house, load a bunch of CDs into iTunes (Pavement, CAKE, NIN, Blind Melon, Rusted Root, Squirrel Nut Zippers and onward to Porno for Pyros and Jane's Addiction and more) and cook up a pot of soup.

What soup am I cooking?  It's called, "I'm making from what's in my cupboards and refrigerator!"  We have turkey kielbasa, dried mixed beans, barley, corn, carrots, peas and half of a green pepper.  I'll bust out a pan of cornbread and the world will be a delicious place.

Be safe!

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Rach said...

And this is why I loved snow days as a teacher. Sure, the kids got a school day off, but *I* got a work day off!! :oP

And then I had to make it up later...but still, it was so worth it! ;o)

iTunes is delightful, no? :o)