Thursday, January 2, 2014

Don't buy Pantera at Walmart.

Hubs and I got on to talking about CDs this evening.  As we were watching PJ 20 on VH1, I was telling her that Hubs thinks that Vitalogy was the first CD I ever purchased for myself.

"I think it is the only CD you have purchased for yourself."

"Nah!  It's probably the only NEW CD.  Oh wait!  I have Natalie Imbruglia!  I got that one new.  I only got that new because I had to fight Walmart over you being dumb enough to buy a Pantera CD there."

You see, many years ago-- years well prior to K's existence-- Hubs got some wild hair and decided to purchase a Pantera CD at Walmart.  Now you see, I love myself some Pantera but was a bit shocked that he bought Pantera there.  The CD listed that it was "edited."  Hubs thought it was shortened in some way.  

It wasn't shortened.  It was the absolute worst censoring we've ever heard.  They left blank spots where all of the "bad words" were.  

Blank spots.  

They (not Walmart) didn't even try.  They didn't try to blend them in like they are on the radio.  I told Hubs that we would take it back.  I went through several managers until I got to the store manager who agreed to return the CD, though it was open, for the exact same CD.

"Sir.  I agree that perhaps my adult husband should not purchase music like Pantera here.  I understand that your CD was labeled 'edited' but if you look 'edited' up in the dictionary, I believe that you will find that it would mean shortened.  To edit something like a CD is not suggesting that there are huge blank spots throughout where any curse word would be."

I swore to him that if he would return that CD for something that was not edited, we would never buy music from Walmart again.  He agreed and we have never ever purchased music from Walmart again.

And we won't.  Frankly, we try not to really patronize the Wal anyhow.  

But there you go.  Lesson learned.  If you need for some heavy metal with questionable lyrics, Walmart is not the place to purchase your music.  

This PSA brought to you by the Bailey's Leaf family.  


Rach said...

I read your title and thought, "Seriously? They bought Pantera at the Wal?!? Don't they know the Way way censors everything??"

Then I read the post.



PJ. :happy sigh: Love me some Eddie Vedder. :o) The music of my college years...:happy sigh again:

Bailey's Leaf said...

The bad thing was that Hubs bought PJ 20 for me for Christmas, but we were still watching it on VH1 anyhow. But! I wouldn't have been dumb enough to buy PJ at the Wal either! Goodness knows that Eddie would have been chopped to heck and back!