Friday, April 5, 2013

Clearly it is my fault that it hasn't stopped snowing.

I put my shovel away on Saturday and we had flurries for three days.

I put my flannel sheets away today and redressed the bed with the 3 season sheets.  Rachael texted me a photo of her spring break in Blacksburg COVERED in snow.

I was clearing the flower beds and I was roasting in my bed last night, but clearly I didn't wait long enough.

So sorry!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christmas shopping can make me laugh.

It is the season where we have to purchase items for Christmas.  The store that I work in has a combination of handcrafted and commercially crafted items.  I'm the Christmas Decorating Goddess at the store that I work at, so they've been taking me along for some input.  They took me last year for the big buying trip down south, took me this year for a day longer, had me in for a rep the other day and are having me join the buying team in a couple of weeks for a day trip.


At any rate, occasionally, my kicky side gets the better of me.  (Also known as, the ADD runs away with my better judgement and sometimes my true thoughts come out.)  I had to share a few with you:

1.  I have an issue with any "head" of anything without a body.  I mean, decapitation doesn't spell Christmas joy.  My coworkers know this and now avoid all floating heads.

2.  The rep was really trying hard to sell us a Santa bowl the other day.  It was Santa from his waist belt down to his feet.  The top of him wasn't there.  My coworkers were going for it until my mouth opened wide and said, "Oh look!  Snacking from the bowels of SANTA!"  We didn't buy the bowl and the rep told me that she'd never think of that bowl in the same way ever again.

3.  There were 4 of us involved in buying the other day.  There was one ornament that 2 people wanted and my boss and I did not.  I couldn't figure out why it was bothering me so much.  "I don't know, L-, I think it looks kind of like an eye."  "To me, it looks like a submarine helmet from a deep sea diver."  "THAT'S IT!"  It looked like an undersea, old time helmet.  No, we didn't buy it though the others were very disappointed.

4.  I'm laughing that my boss is now saying, "Amy, you can make that!  You just need to do another demo!"  It looks like I'll be having tree demo day again.  It was a success the last time I did it.

We're on spring break.  K- has kicked back and slept in today.  I did some cleaning, but am getting on with the rest of my cleaning so that we can have some science fun.

Pardon me.  Spring Break is calling!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

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