Monday, December 23, 2013

Steps toward completion.

Christmas isn't meant to be viewed as a marathon.  I do, however, feel like I'm at mile 23.  My mom called this evening to say that they would be by to pick chairs up that we had borrowed.  I decided that I would dash through and bag up all of the presents I had to send to their house.  I had the Christmas Eve bag with 6 gifts.  I had two large bags and two gifts of overflow for Christmas Day.  I was able to give a quick evaluation, re-wrap one that got the front punched out somehow, wrap two more (and add batteries to the one) and get those dropped into the sack, too.  I was just finishing the last package when my parents came in.

I'm waiting for K to go to sleep so that I can make some earrings for her for her special gift from me. I'm just making some really tiny drop earrings, but I have to get them done.

K's baby arrived today.  K got her baby hamster.  Yes, I'll take photos later.  I can tell you that he is charcoal with a white racing stripe on his underside.  Miss Stephanie gave her good instructions, have changed what we typically feed. (We fed H exactly what they told us.)  K is so very excited and Miss Stephanie was thrilled that K is so very caring and is completely responsible for every aspect of care of the hamster.  He is a baby.  He is very squealy.  He's keeping her awake, but I told her that she needs to get used to him and he needs to get used to her.  The wheel rides again!

Off I go to check to see if Sleeping Beauty is sleeping so that I can make her gift.

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Rach said...

What a wonderful gift for K--a baby hamster!

I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing and it was grand! Of course, that means today I'm on double duty. OH, and my Christmas tree is no longer lit on top. :sigh: It's all good, and nobody will know if everything doesn't get done, right? :oS