Friday, December 27, 2013

A crisp breeze will fix that!

My parents asked what we wanted for Christmas.  I told my mom pillows.  Hubs' pillows were different states of flat and mine held no form.  I could bend that thing around like a pretzel.  Mom went forth and purchased really good pillows.  We were very thankful.  At home, we pulled said pillows from their plastic bags and noticed that they had a lick of smoke smell.


My dad smokes.  He smokes a fair amount.  My mom is a recreational smoker.  Sometimes it is more than others, depending upon the stress that my siblings are heaping upon her at the time.  She had the pillows upstairs in the living room, as opposed to under the tree.  Still.

"What are we going to do?"

I told Hubs to hand them to me and I would hang them on the line.

"But it's snowing or raining or something."

"It's not.  It is 17 F and has a little breeze.  Whatever is in these pillows will blow out before I bring them in."

"How long do you plan to leave them outside?"

"Until bedtime."

"That's not until at least 10 PM."

"And I will trudge out into the snow and pull them from the line then."

I should add that this discussion occurred at 3:30 PM.

You know what?  My solution worked.  They aired out for a good 7 hours on the line, as well as the casserole carrier that my mom and dad had made for me.  We slept well on the new pillows and neither one of us had any smoke issue.  They smelled freshly laundered and the crisp, breezy air fixed what ailed them!


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Rach said...

I know this story. I used to hang my clothes and backpack out after a stay at my dad's house. Smoke is icky.