Friday, November 1, 2013

Washington D.C. Trip-- The photos

 The Vermeer at the National Gallery of Art (a cell picture)

Ceiling of the Natural History Museum 

 The 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer

The White House 

Metro- Foggy Bottom!  (My SIL kept saying Foggy Bottom and I asked her if it was a Tourette's-type syndrome that was making her Foggy Bottom and it just became the line we would belt out at random times throughout the trip.)  Sorry, grainy cell phone quality.

The view outside of my hotel window on marathon day.  The streets were blocked off by buses.  They don't mess around with little tiny barricades! 

The beginning of the Rosslyn Center clot o' folks I blogged about earlier.

Iwo Jima was around the corner from our hotel.  A grainy photo from my cell, but we didn't exactly expect to stop there.  We didn't know it was that close!

A close-up of a Tiffany window at the American Art Museum. 

This is as close as we got to the Capitol Building.

Air and Space sculpture out front.  

The girls skippity-doo-dah day!

The National Policemen's Memorial

Uncle John

Didn't realize that the wall was curved.  Made for an interesting time getting rubbings. 

Kristin wrote a note and deposited it on a beautiful wreath that was there.  

The Eisenhower Building that is next to . . . 

The White House.  This seemed to be the backside.  

The Jefferson Memorial is what Hubs said that this is.  We only got to see it at a distance. 

WWII Memorial

Map of the National Mall

Hubs' shadow on the Vietnam Memorial

K's reflection on the Vietnam Wall

Lincoln, of course!

We hung out for the changing of the guard and for a wreath laying ceremony.

The amphitheater that sits just ahead of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The six of us.  Kristin opted out of Arlington because of needing to rest up for the run the next day.

The President's helicopter!

Marine Corps Band

Hubs waiting for his sister.  K's head is at the bottom left. 

Kristin high-fiving her husband.

"Won't you run with me?"


"There is a man with a machine gun and did you check out those Marines over there?  I can't!"

The marathon after-party in Rosslyn.  I tell you, they shut that joint down!

Another cell picture.  On our way through Reagan National to TSA.  I did get busted for trying to take through unopened Coke and bottles of water.  Snap.  

It was a wonderful trip and we consider ourselves blessed to have been given this opportunity to enjoy forever.  My kiddo is quite a history buff.  We all loved it, but especially K!  


Rach said...

Oh how I LOVE DC!! I really do--all of it! Isn't the Metro fun? You know, I've never actually gotten off at Foggy Bottom. Been through there many a time, though. ;o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Oh I love these!! Great photos and looks like a great time.

I thought she was asking your hubs to run with her. I can certainly see why he didn't ;)

Congrats to her for running!! Amazing :)