Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inside, outside, count of three and the ice cube flush.

The first snow!  (That would be my draining rain barrel at the end of the slide.)

Snow!  K tried the recipe for a snow day.  Actually, she combined all childhood tricks into one snow day stew pot.

1 pair of pajamas, worn inside out
1 ice cube, flushed down the toilet
1 spoon under the pillow

After she saw how the snow was progressing at 9:41 PM (well after bedtime, but her dad called K and me out to see the snow,) then she decided that a few more spoons wouldn't hurt.

She didn't get a snow day, but she did get snow.  She was thrilled!  Keep it coming, we say!

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Rach said...

Yes, please, so I can live vicariously through YOU!